Enyewe Rais ni mkubwa.....na leader of opposition is just another citizen

i watched labor celebration and kept wondering if Raila and sons had any clue that Uhuru and kenya will be attending the same function,according to me Raila and sons were planning to be “Chief Guests”…am so sorry for them…they probably thought Labor day was another Governors meeting…to their surprise,Rais wa jamuhuri ya kenya Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta decided to attend unlike last year…Rais decided to leave Atwoli reading his written speech.

       After that,Rais left in  hurry coz he was heading for lunch....sema Amollo kutoka akiwa hajasema kitu,,sema kiwaru kwa koo,sema Uhuru kusalimia raia,sema watu kufurahi......sema presidential motocarde kutoka mbele ya tuk tuk ya amollo and sons........i got surprised to see that an exit of Hon.  President meant that the function was over

yours wonderful Wondering Wonder


enyewe jana baba alikuwa amekatsika mbaya…sura dimanga full time

This is hate speech, I’m really disappointed to see that you have sunk down to this level, your threads are usually mature and thoughtful, but seeing this has just made me lose the respect i had for you.

truth hurts

I thought this political bullshit died with KLost

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Well certainly it does, but please realize the difference between truth and opinion…i know trying to appeal to the likes of you is an exercise in futility so let me just move along…what disturbed me was the likes of a talker i respected resulting to such hateful speech.


I liked every bit of his speech. He has really improved

tired of these politics

i thought you are mature enough to know people will always disappoint you…always

I made and innocent comment yesterday about babu and these mods removed it and insulted me. Nimetangaza vita.

Effects of relocating to Naivasha. That is what donkey meat does to your brain.


The monkey would be brain bead.

ha haa. hujaambia @Olmonk poa hata kidogo

Different village same villagers

Amolo has nothing of value to offer Kenyans so why waste Kenyans time and let him address the nation?



hes not appealing as u can see @jameson …[ATTACH=full]4658[/ATTACH]

when the head of state is the guest at a function you don’t come late and try to make a grand entry…

[ATTACH=full]4659[/ATTACH] if he does not appeal a peasant how can he appeal workers craving for an increment… ?