Enyewe kenyans never learn

Social media has been awash with
rumours that flashy city pastor
Allan Kiuna of JCC (Jubilee
Christian Centre), is a
professional con-pastor worse
than Kanyari and who specializes
in conning the elite.
It all started when he bragged
how he is enjoying a vacation in
South Africa as some haters keep
making noise.
On Sunday morning during a live
sermon in his church aired on
KTN, he ordered the person who
was leading the service to request
anyone who was willing to give
his/ her tithe and offering to lift
it up.
“We at JCC we are blessed, we
don’t force any-one to give. Please
if you feel like giving your tithe
and offering, just lift it up.”
“Oooh Yes! We serve a rich God
ooooH.” A middle-aged man who
was dressed in a designer suit
said as he removed an expensive
gadget to read a scripture.
Surprisingly, three-quarters of the
congregation lifted their tithes
and offering which were in-form
of cheques. Popular singer Size 8
was among those who lifted their
cheques and the camera kept on
focusing on her for publicity
Kiuna did this to mock Kenyans
and save his image after it
emerged that he is a con-pastor
just like Kanyari.