Enyewe he is a shity God



Cheza tu…You cant mock GOD… mambo na GOD wachana kabisa…mocking GOD and HIS word is the most perilous thing one can do

This law actually saved the Israelites from illnesses associated with poor hygiene that were rampant in other open defecation communities.

What will happen to me?

So is the bible an instruction guide or God’s word?

Why would God give instruction on how humans can deal with shit yet he goes silent when real issue emerge? Real issues I mean diseases, hunger, colonialism etc?

Why do Christians resort to threats as their default.setting?

Exactly. To stifle debate. Hope Coronavirua haikupita na Mzee wako. I remember you saying he approached religion from a critical angle. We need such men around.

You as the pathetic atheist you are na the adolescent interpretation of the word ukakuja kupost hapa so you sound “woke"?


How would you interpret the verse?

Very true. I believe it had to do with defecation near water sources which the community drunk from.

Kindred spirits…you guys are my brothers from another mother…im not an atheist but i don’t believe the bible and Christian hypocrites at large

Those were just stupid Jew mythology that were imposed on us

All religions thrive through (a) fear and (b) intimidation , not just contemporary Christianity…
BUT Salvation is personal
To trust God and to walk with HIM is not the same as going to church and listening to the “man of God”

Back to your questions , why don’t them Christians make concrete arguments ?

Because they were called to draw God’s lambs to their shepherd , not to give wolves the bearing to the flock .

You SMART people are wolves , just like Judas the disciple, an Economist, Jesus’ finance manager, and a very sharp guy. His fate was unbearable , even though he was wise with earthly things wadau


if the word of God doesn’t move you in its simplicity, gwachana nayo, there’s much to enjoy in this life if you’re living it ONCE.
90% of villagers hapa wame omoka because of their faith, but once a dog gets its bone , it doesn’t look back.

well, as for me I will wait and fight till my last iron breath juu bana watu wana hepa wokovu wa yesu sana .

TBT Angela Chibalonza

@Stormtrooper98 nimeku miss

You just used 167 words and two videos to say nothing.

Going by some of the replies, and our current PORK, it’s clear god will remain big business for quite a while. I had hoped that in my lifetime I would see critical thought take center stage but I have no hope.
If the economy tanks, the political class and these opium dealers will be the only ones making bank. If I didn’t care about lying to people, I’d pull a size 8: open a church, talk about how I lanyed for years until god called me, and to top it off ask my congregation to pay me tax-free money each day I read out the bible to them.
“What if they start asking questions, bonerman?”
Haha. Easy. There’s a convenient verse for it somewhere in the good book.

God is wise ,he didn’t want sheboons shitting all over the earth contaminating the planet with tapeworms and other phylum annelida organisms .lucky pig @cortedivoire will clean the mess before it can cause a health pandemonium.

On matters religion, I prefer to keep an open mind.