There is this song I heard from a neighbors house, fell in love the first time, went straight to youtube and I found it. It’s a worship song by Eddie James. I don’t even know how I had not heard it on these gospel shows ama it has been there and since this is not my line I haven’t heard it? Anyways here it is have a blessed Sunday and a productive week.



Sawa kafiri

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eh ok come slowly

Oh thanks for posting this. Never heard it. @Mzee mzima there’s a way worship heals ones heart. Looooooove it
@Ka-Buda listen to this hommie


Let it grow in you!! Halleluyah!

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Its so weird you want me to listen to this song.
Haki i have had at least 3 people who are close to me in my “real” life call me and ask me to find God and one of them even told me that she has seen my pain through her prayers and that i am destined to do great things in winning souls for God.
This is so weird… but i know we all tell hekayas here and turn our computers off and wait mpaka kesho.Most of the stuff i write is 100% what i am going through and i every time people say ati oh; umerogwa etc. it hurts so much because i know and believe that i am going through shit in my life because God has a purpose for me and until He reveals it to me i will worship Him every waking moment of my life.
Thanks @trish

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I feel you. Sometimes we pass through very hard stuff and wonder if all is worth it. Most of us when hit by calamities we tend to get away from God; and that’s what the devil likes. I passed through some difficult moments in my life. And it was so easy to just walk away from God and blame him for everything. It hurts so bad you wonder kwani you were created for this. So the easy way out is always to turn to atheism. Blame God and spend your energy disapproving his existence. Mocking him while in retrospect, you feeling so sorry for yourself, suicide keeps beckoning you.

It’s a hard state of mind. But the irony is, that the same God who watches you pass through it, is the same one who has given you health, breath, kids and strength for very many new days. He never stops being God just because Trish has lost her sight or because Trish is passing through shit; no, at the end of the day, He remains to be God. And we need him more than he needs us.

Some day, @Ka-Buda , you will look back and thank God this all happened. You will help another soul passing through the same, you will come out stronger and touch lives. So for now, find your peace…find your solitude, let God be your friend. The friend you share with. And you’ll find comfort…