Engine swaps

Would a 1NZE-FE engine fit comfortably into a Corolla dx 102 wagon? Any one who has ever tried this before?

@introvert hebu njoo.

Kamon muzee.
A rear wheel drive will take anything.
All you need is to work on the interface between the bell housing and the gearbox.
Trade secrets.
Leta gari.

I swear! wewe unaweza kuwa mwisi hatari…thank God you have a career.

A bike client from UG earned me an Interpol visit.
Siku hizi any full bike projects must be accompanied with documentation.

Weka pin tukuje visiting, gift set iko tayari…:D:D:D:D


Ng’ombe hili.
I stopped advertising my work immediately after.

@introvert natafuta J20A engine, ya vitara

I’ll inbox you a number.

Ok waiting. Thnxs