Endowed Pornographic actors arrested in Mombasa

[SIZE=7]10 women arrested shooting pornographic film, dildos recovered[/SIZE]

• Ten women and one man have been arrested in Mombasa County while shooting pornography.
• During the raid, police recovered 16 laptops, 10 computers, 9 dildos (artificial penis), vibrators and other assorted items.


Are they over 18 ??

Bora mtu anukishe kitunguu. This is Kenya.

Hakuna hata mbicha ya ky jelly ,my fren

Good question.

yaani @digi umetudharau aje umeona hatuwezi jua dildo ni nini?

Mngewaacha tu…

Sisi wanadamu wanafiki sana…

Wote tunatomba halafu at the same time tunageuka tunawashika wanaotomba kama sisi!

Such a hypocritical world we are living in!

Thats human nature.

10 women 1 man. Step aside mtombaji hodari

don;t rush to conclusions…he’s only the cameraman, shooting the ebony lesbian genre…:slight_smile:

You dont need all those computes to produce porn. you only need one good Camcorder to shoot a porn film. 16 laptops??? 10 Pcs?? this looks like they were running those Chaterbate webcam rooms like the infamous Colombian webcam models :D:D:D

yooote ni porn…

wewe unaeza run forensics ya a “porn bust”:D:D:D:D


not all pornography is equal,in this case it sounds like they were doing live internet broadcasts using many computers, streaming live their sexual acts to an internet audience who pay/tip directly depending on what they request and how they perform a.k.a Porn webcams. Dont ask me how I know all these:D:D.I would have given you a link of such sites to show you what I mean but sitaki kutumwa Siberia:D:D:D.

admean ako leave, tuma

Leta links,

No thanks sitaki:D:D:D:D

meipata niko ndani, lakini naona nyama ya white tu,

that is just an example of how a porn webcam site looks like,there are quite a number of them.In that particular site there are a few kenyan women but they usually block Kenyan IP addresses from accessing their pages,to find them you must use a VPN.:D:D:D