End Time signs - don't bury your heads in the Sand

Afew weeks ago after the ruling on gay marriages in the supreme court of the U.S.A. there was a gay parade in the U.S.A, whose main agenda was to lampoon Jesus.

My questions are listed below

  1. why is gayism being given so much attention the world over?.
  2. why has Christianity allover sudden taken a wait and see attitude on societal matters? absolutely No direction on any matter.
  3. Why are our pastors prioritizing material things, big houses, big rims, holiday snap shots flossing.
  4. Are we the generation that will witness the second coming of Jesus?.. are we the Lost generation?
    To all believers, in this times increase your private prayer times, the biblical prophecies are being fulfilled.

Hata pope hajasema kitu

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And the whore in Revelations 17: 3 - 5 is clearly Daenerys Targaryen.


These prayers people keep singing about would have already eliminated poverty. Yet the most religious people are the poorest and taken advantage of.


by the way…

…and disease- siku hizi ma-pastor ni fake diseases and fake miracles- remember mwende?

Ngoja aje Kenya mwezi wa kumi na moja mwaka huu umuulize kwa nini hajasema kitu.

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I expected Pope to address the world from Rome after the ruling.

The world is coming to an end coz homos have been granted the right to marry? White supremacists probably said the same thing when niggers were granted equality. And just coz the law grants you rights doesn’t mean the persecution ends, just ask niggers. We’ve been waiting for the second coming of Jesus for 2000 years now, and trust me when I tell you 2000 years from now they’ll still be waiting.


:D:D:D:D:D The end times are nigh!

The devil is a LIAR…n many christians r hypocrites from thieves, to pretenders n even killers… bt no matter how many gays r legalized they can never rule
…our God isnt fake or that powerless.

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@kuyktothecore to you all this happenings are a normal occurrence?..read the bible and you will understand the cause of my concerns. Joke Not as things are not as simple as your simple mind perceives them…

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  1. Why are our pastors prioritizing material things, big houses, big rims, holiday snap shots flossing.

I thought we all knew the answer to this one. Si its common sense, ama?

Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir is a former icelandic PM, she is gay, so they have ruled and will rule…why are we still concerned with what people do in their private lives? knowing the way our people are it is only a matter of time before we accept gays and other groups just like is happening the world over, after all the bible we keep referring to was brought to us by the same people we are condemning today

You are talking of earthly ruling…my friend am talking of something different…


Wacha mashoga nao waone shida ya ndoa. Hiyo ingine ya end times ni upuzi mtupu - gays have been around all along. For all u know ur father, brother or sister could be part of the undercover gay brigade.

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Jah shall take all the bad weeds yeah and separate them from the good coz the day of harvest is here…worry be unto those that think they are of israel and they are not.

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then why, for heaven’s sake, does he allow so much evil done in his name? why doesn’t he strike a few of these thieving buggers with a thunderbolt, just to prove a point?

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