End Of Year Party 2018 Edition

This year has not been one of the best for me. I’ve buried very many close fellas most recently from the UG boat tragedy and a couple of road accidents as a result of drunk driving here in the +254.

That’s why I’ve decided to treat my staff tomorrow evening at a venue to be announced later, most likely the Radisson Blu Hotel which is just adjacent to my offices.

Inbox me if you’d like to attend the party, but dress code is strictly blue jeans and tshirt for both genders. Usijaribu kukuja hapo na zile suti zenyu za 3,500/- because you won’t go past the first security check.

From there I shall be taking my family for a 10 day holiday kuwatoa vumbi kidogo. Watu wa Nairobi we can meet on the 30th December tukule bakshishi.
[ATTACH=full]215510[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]215511[/ATTACH]nb: I suffer from some liver condition as a result of hard partying and continuous excessive drinking of expensive whiskey, hence the Liveril tablets you see in one of the pics…

Happy holidays fellas…[ATTACH=full]215509[/ATTACH]

Admin, ndio huyu maombi mzito…


hii ni cash office shikilia kwa monitor on this very thread I get…

hehee ati cash office? :rolleyes::rolleyes:

Halafu tutaona hapo MMNN “Man arrested with counterfeit dollars and kenya shillings and fake medicines worth thousands. The man working as a cashier at Radisson was also found in possession of sticky-notes written “Shoti-mzito” alluding to his desire for thick semen. He shall be arraigned in court tomorrow”


Huyu anafanya kazi forex bureau

Hiyo ni ngumu kidogo. Even @pamba my village mate tried investigating me but he found me legit. Siku hizi yeye huniitisha handouts tu pole pooooooole…

ona mwingine sasa, kwani nyinyi watu hajawahi ona pesa ama vipi?

Enjoy yourself @shoti_mzito did you get a safety deposit box at CBA as I advised you or you still swear by the briefcase. Uliza @mayekeke vile alioshwa nyumbani

Wrink? Leta kama iko


Go easy on company monies,lipa watu mishahara bwana

umeamua utayarishe liver kabla kwanza before ukaiharibu na cham?

Thanks bro, this has been a busy and hectic last six months of the year. I had to withdraw the cash since I want to pay dudes their bonuses in cash since we are closing just to motivate them. But I’ll work on the safety deposit box come early next year. Once again, thanks for reminding me. @mayekeke leta hekaya ya kuoshwa cash hapa mbloo

akiao si kuna watu wako na pesa.my salary ata haifiki 1% of that cash but important is life…dhoti mzito wekea peasant a few dollars anunue unga.

Huyu jamaa anafanya tukae nikama maisha yetu haina maana. Thats why people have depression sikuhizi, comparing lives online.

Haidhuru lakini. Wale watafukuzwa Radisson Blue, mnakaribishwa hapa muthurwa kwa mikono mikunjufu, tukunywe Legend ama KC.

boss, inbox me your number and ID I have you sent 1000. Sitaki identity yangu ijulikane, acknowledge if you receive.

I have got a friend alikuwa anafanya na G4S alikuwa na hii tabia ya kupiga picha zile pesa wametoa bank wakitransport.alipatikana akafutwa.chunga usimwage unga mse:D