End of the road for Sabina Joy

The the family that owns the famous Nairobi brothel is in wrangles with the owner of the building who want to transform the club to a hotel and an accommodation place… they will be kicked out in the next 2 months

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Sonko ni mshenzi sana. Fighting everyone

Nikiwaambia Sonko is touching the wrong pple mnakataa kuskia. Such premises are owned by the so called Kiambu mafia and they have been around since siku za Kenyatta

Sonko ndiye mwenye building??

Swali ni, if wrangles are between landlord na tenant, kwani Sonko ndiye landlord ama?? Juu sioni penye anaingililia

mmoja wao amehonga Sonko…That’s how things run in the City

Sabina Joy imekuwa ikiexist since kitambo

I have heard stories that the place has been in existence for decades. I always thought the owner of the building also owned the establishment because that’s the only way clubs last that long in this city with the prohibitive rent.

@Starscream @mastermwenyewe na wengineo wataanza kuwasha Nduthi very soon

Something new for a change.

Waseme mahali watahamia. The good will value is priceless

Same here…been hearing it has since been in place in the 90’s when it used to go by the name Karumaindo

If I’m not wrong, sonko alisema ataibomoa

Could the economy be doing so badly that even brothels are going out of business?? Think about it. Goodwill of Sabina Joy must be worth millions because it is a “household name”. Hii Nairobi the largest impediment to business success hukuwa rent. Now that it is clear all previous owners of the club have managed to pay rent with ease, what suddenly changed? Has the brothel owner fallen behind in rent payments? Maybe the brothel no longer gets the critical mass of fucksters to pay the exorbitant rent in this city like it used to. Natives gone. I-club gone. Mist gone. Zodiac gone. In 2011 Westy and Town were what’s up every Friday. Not anymore. Nowadays a city of 5 million has less than 20 good night clubs (Ngong Rd, Kiambu Rd). Wananchi wanaeda locals. I remember going clubbing Westy in 2011 tunakosa viti almost all clubs in one street na the street had over seven clubs. Times have changed. Dynamic duo wamekamua Kenyans properly.

Your reasoning is flawed. People’s tastes have evolved and people are now clubbing in estate clubs. Kitambo Msa road hungepata club classy ata moja, saa hii Nextgen pekee iko na clubs kama tano na zote zinajaa ka selle

it was there since the days of independence …
Veteran musician Laban Juma Toto, who began his music career in Nairobi in the late 1960s, was a regular customer at the entertainment spot, then known as Karumaindo Nightclub.
“It was the ideal spot for those who worked late, or those, who, for whatever reason, were unable to make their way home,” he says.

Man that owns that building labda anachota rent ya 1M Base floor

Then 500 kila floor ascending

As I said, watu wanakunywa locals. Venye kunaendelea it won’t be financially viable kuanza nightclub tao. I have witnessed countless clubs get launched and fail miserably. Life-span ya club is unbelievably short. Natives hata haiko Tao na ilifungwa. Naona mwingine ameleta Bourbon Bridge same location.

https://venasnews.co.ke/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/sabina-joy-owner.jpgKanyuiri,owner of Sabina joy with president Uhuru

Niombeeni. I have to go there bana. No wag that acd is closing sijakunywa bia hapo.