End of corruption by an example of a movie

The other day i was watching this Bollywood movie where the actors wife and children are killed by a rich influenced person. The guy was middle class and he couldn’t even hurt the rich guys nail. The government didn’t even help as they were all corrupt.
So the guy made a plan, acted to kill himself to declare deceased to the world. After years of planning he started collecting evidence. The one day he caught the corrupted government official and killed him and put his file of details of how much he stole from the people. He killed 5 officials till the whole government started panicking and confessed to income tax fear of being killed by him.

Now my friends COULD THIS THING WORK IN KENYA? killing corrupted mps and officials.
I feel people this might work??

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Ni story ulipgiwa ama ume watch the movie? Kama ume watch tupatie jina ya movie… Thank you



Let me know if it works.
I just watched “backdoor sluts #9”:D:D:D

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Gabbar is back.

Haya, Tumekupa hio kazi. Ukimaliza njoo upost summary hapa…