Encounters with a bitter and depressed single mum.

I enrolled in a local university CBD for Masters degree,I was given the class rep contacts and i called her immediately so that she could add me in the class whatsapp group.
The same day we meet in class and from the word go she showed some interest in me,however i was not interested since i thought she is just an open and social person. However she left the class earlier for reasons well known her.

When i was at my slum areas around 11:30pm i received a text message from her and i quote " mlitoka class saa ngapi" i was shocked and as a royal Fisi i played cool and i responded at 2:30am. My response was “Hi Class Rep,We ended class at 8pm,Good night”

Next day at 7am i received a text message from her saying, What were you doing at 2:30am my response was Nation building,Working on a presentation.

Being a senior Fisi and Villager elder,I noticed an easy prey and i could not let it go, My next question was where do you reside and work? Her response was quite tricky and tempting she said i live in Kasa and work in town (Nation Centre) and am not married hehehe! I don’t reply after 5 minutes she sent another text yourself?,My response was am single and satisfied ( what a big,silly mistake)

To cut the long story short i started chasing her so that i could get laid as soon as possible,The Next day we don’t have a class but she insisted we meet her, she took me to her local joint along Odean Tsavo road. Its a small hotel and a brothel from my observation,I noted the customers were Sponsors and slay queens,they played country music & RNB.

The lady is just a parrot,she was flooding me with boring hekayas and showing how social and well connected with the Kikiyu waiters in that place,All male waiters would come and hang her and make sex oriented jokes,those guys were also looking at me zile za young man what is wrong with you,we pity you!!

We continued with our shenanigans,where by in class she could cut small pieces of paper and write JMMohaa i like the way you dress,you are handsome and a genius and class in ongoing,i don’t like it when a lady woos and seduce me,i believe she is doing it in bad faith and with ill motive.

On Friday she didn’t attend class reason being they had a company social event,However she called and texted me, that i meet her at Club Mint immediately the class is over,which i had no idea where it is,Thanks for the google map app.
I also noted she is colonial and bossy lady who always give commands and directions to everyone,I passionately dislike such characters,however being a Friday i thought i will land for an easy lay.

I meet her in the club with two of her male colleagues,She had already told them that i was coming,Because they said haiya This is the Engineer you were telling us about,Greetings were Sasa Engineer umefika, karibu sana bwana engineer!!.To be sincere i didn’t like it but i played it cool

She started narrating endless boring story,how she is a senior member in that club,she drinks on bill unlike me who has to pay before i get the drink,she also took my Laptop bag and give it to the counter guy for it to be safe.

There was a guy who was seated next to me, We started a conversation and by coincidence he is also an engineer,However the guy asked me “who the lady was to me”,I replied she is just a mere classmate (Another silly mistake),the Mlevi went ahead to ask the lady “who she is to me?” the lady went salient as i ignored the emphasized question.

After a few minutes the Lady visited the washroom, i got a chance to engage her 2 colleague (Coming from my community Kikuyu), I asked them in Kikuyu about the lady and they promised to give a fair and sincere comments and i promised to buy them more rounds of liquor.

One guy said (The guy is married) that precisely the lady is a broke hood rat single mother and suffering of depression and it would be unfair for me to engage in such a low and doomed deal,However if I was a Luo they could not mind.But now that am from Uthamaki Community it would be unfair for them to watch saliently as i drown and is an abomination to betray a brother in Uthamaki community.

When the lady come from the washroom i asked for another round of the liquor,However the waiter brought a cold drink yet i had asked for a warm beer and he had already opened, before i noticed,I asked the waiter politely whey he has brought and opened a cold beer yet i had being taking warm beer and i had requested for a warm beer.He said sorry and i was good to go.

Ngoja Msichina aanze kunisomea kama mtoto ati niko na tempers,arrogant and proud,I asked her Unanisomea kama nani na kwanini?The parrot continued to insult and threat me.

Immediately i asked for my Laptop bag and left, the two colleagues of her tried to cool her but she continued rising the bar of insults and threats higher.

Believe me before i arrived at my place i had received a dossier of unprintable insults and threats as SMS both on my two phones lines and Whatsapp. Total was 23 SMS, i decided not to answer since she was drank and this would escalate to more insults.

I called her on Saturday morning,where she kept hurling more insults & threats justifying her yesterday actions,I tried even Quoting a few Versus from the Bible just to cool her down,however she kept on pumping more and more dossier of insults and threats.

Come on Sunday am in church she was still throwing unprintable words through SMS both in my two lines and Whatsapp which i don’t respond I believe she thought i was immune to insults and threat.

At round 4pm more and more results of insults was still flowing in,I wrote an SMS saying she keep off completely or i deconstruct her to nothing and place her where she belongs.This far i had received 87 SMS and i had not replied (90% Insults and threats)

To be continued

wadau huyu ni man gio rudini

:D:D:D:D:D But Why???

You are lucky you never got to lay her it would have been ten times worse.

Lakini Kijana una guts. You meet a clearly unstable and unhinged chic in Nairobi and proceed to have dates with her in her “zones” locals, meeting her “male friends” and getting high with them. One against three in unfamiliar territory, kwanza hiyo lappy ingeenda any other day. Be more cautious in future hata ukiitwa fisi ya circus

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D all in pursuit of that Puthy



kwanza hebu leta hizo bible verses nione how you attempted to subdue such a drunk character with bible verses? Hiyo part imenichekesha sana

Fun fact: I belong to that group of talkers who scroll down to the last paragraph after reading the first. Our chairman is @pamba

Many thanks my KTALK colleague
It worth taking it to the Bank

Sielewi kwa nini alikutusi.

Up to today, Sijajua she is still very bitter alinitoa kwa class whatsapp now that she was the Admini.

there are some characters out here… maybe she detected his aloofness over the whole issue with her throwing hints and the bugger is acting a fool. Then that question about who she is to him and how he answered it must have melted the fuse… throw in the alcohol kaboom! Men wamezoea rejection… women take it very personal unfortunately

Maliza hekaya venye ulinyandua insult throwing depressed singo matha

Mbisha…sketch…xray/screenshot of unprintable insults?

Wrong prediction ,I don’t shag the jilted single mother

these are the mama’s that are at their peak saying empty hekaya’s ya zile vitu wamefanya maishani you lucky you never emerged kwa topic’s of discussion

Will be availed ASAP

ungekula hio kuma na uitoke . jinga wewe apana sumbua madem wetu wanjaruo .

Hon. Uwesmake The Village Sponsor.
The Lady is a Kikuyu from Murang’a,with over stretched tyres and stove legs

87 SMS za matusi,na bado unazisoma tu,hehe,Mimi ikifika 5,nakuweka blacklist where they autodelete after 24 hours

HEHEHEHE siwes mind hio nirushie through pass omwami