It isn’t like I was expecting cuddling or sweet words, but there is this emptiness I felt inside of me after cumming screwing a whore. I felt a deep abhorrence; such hatred that I was considering tearing the 1000 shilling note I was paying her into two. My member actually went limp midway that it had to be jump started. I hated how she looked at me; I loathed her full breasts. I detested her cold thick thighs. You people call it PNC I prefer to refer to it as a case of my spirit judging me like it should. I lack nothing at home. I have a whole pack of girlfriends and yet here I was. Screwing a whore with cold thighs on a creaky cheap lodging bed… And that is how my whoring days end. Hii sex tourism ends; unfortunately in Nakuru. Where it all started… Or maybe I am not into plus size?

Wrong choice of woman. Attention to the type of person you are screwing matters just as much when dealing with a prostitute.

Needles to say, a prostitute is a woman too, is a person. Just like with any other girl out there, choosing what prostitute to screw should depend on the general appearance and personal attributes of the prostitute. Avoid screwing prostitutes you would not hold a conversation with under different circumstances.

If you are not up to picking a woman who is a vegetable vendor with a rotten accent, rotten teeth, chipping green nail polish, broken nails, dirt under the fingernails, beer belly, doesn’t know how to walk (carries herself around like she is a sack of potatoes), has a beard, cannot hold a conversation, does not smell as good as you would like…do not bother the woman. Look for a prostitute that you would otherwise still fuck even under different circumstances. Leave the unpalatable ones for those who don’t mind.

It’s not worth it.

I have been there as well it just happens man.

Nonsense . them whores need ‘love’ too

this is the market…what connection can there be with these ones?


Stop consoling yourself malaya ni malaya. ati have a conversation with?? Your business is to fuck and go. In fact, she wants you to do it fast so that she serves the next customer.

It happens maaaahn…the no. of times i finally decided siwesi tomba tena lanye are countless

You have now become a real man and your honour is haunting you. There is no man of honour who can do whores, its not about respecting other women but rather respect to self. How do you even get confidence to draw down your trousers to a woman without even developing rapport?

kabla niache lanye nilipitia ma escapades mingi za PNC…many years ago of course…but moja nakumbukanga ni ile ya pale sheikh karume na luthuli junction…midway of smashing the b*tch started farting…and it those mshuto moto kind…kidogo kidogo ati “wacha nihare nije”…arrrrrrrrghhhhhhh…turn off …ata sikungoja arudi…nilimwekea mia saba hapo nikamwambia tutaonana…kutoka hapo nilikimbia kwa bedsitter nikaingia mtandao kufurahisha bishop na cherokee d’ass…I have to say that was one of the best deterrents against my lanye pursuits…


This is funny af!

Kuna lanye i like fvucking pale rico,anaitwa peris,man she knows how to treat her customers,she welcomes you well and even thanks you after you done…yaani she makes you want to come back again…


Kumbe u guys acknowledge u are trash.

Ati you have a whole pack of girlfriends?
The only difference between the pro and them is that the pro advertises publicly. They don’t.
When you were getting ‘disgusted’,they might have been sharing their ‘love’ with someone else.

Do not kid yourself.

Caretaker 3 bedroom pesa ngapi msito.


The truth is that when going for Lanyes, you are not in any way connected to the owner of the hole… you are just buying a warm, sometimes not even wet, hole and they have to use some lube before giving it to you… it is just a damn hole… same thing as those plastic soft vaginas being imported nowadays… that is not how a man was meant to eat these things… it has value when you pursue it, and make her agree to it… any other way will always leave you empty!!!

Contrary to your insinuation, I never really feel that they should be faithful. Hell, they give it to me knowing I am married! Why shouldn’t they be giving other married men?