Employment Rights

Hi villagers,
Any lawyers here who can expound on labour laws. Rights of employees and limits of employers.
What each contract should meet and what amounts to abuse or not.

You have no rights.rights belong to the highest bidder.

As an employer you have all rights. Including crashing the company, selling the company and going on holiday in maldives, abandoning the company and resurfacing a year later blaming everyone for what has happened, sleeping with your secretary, firing anyone competing with you for the secretary, blackmailing the secretary or any sexual competitor, not paying taxes as long as you are not caught, plundering company coffers until it cannot run, selling the company and entertaing some whore with the proceeds, scolding everyone in the morning because your wife called you a wimp, and employing beautiful ladies to serve as mistresses at one point.

As an employee you have no rights. Everything for you is a privilege. If you must have any rights, then you must create your own place of work where you will be doing whorever you want. After all there is no citizen out there tasked with creating a company for you to go and work on your terms. The strategist makes the rules, or you make your own strategy.
Therefore, you have one fundamental right: To make your own strategy.


Villagers you can say what you want but wait till you find your former employees suing your ass off on grounds you trashed.

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