Employment Problems

Hello talkers, I got a new job some few months ago. I was brought in to help straighten the system and some of the processes within the organization. It was all good with my new colleagues and the relationship was casual. Problems started when my supervisor assigned us some duties and I was given a task to oversee its implementation.
They would not allow any input from me and wanted to proceed as they saw fit despite the clear instructions on how to carry out the task. Kurudisha kazi tukakaa hapo kama mafala and I had to take responsibility kwa sababu kila mtu aliruka ikabakia ni mimi tu.
Now, I have stood my ground and am working towards my set targets and they are now ganging up on me completely, yani wanaume na wanawake wote washakuwa wapuzi.
Kama mshapitia such help a talker mazee.
Matusi haikubaliwi hapa.

“employent”? … pole bro, tata lazma ikanyage we mbaya saidi!

First get to the root of the problem. What is causing them to gang up against you?
-high handedness
-ujuaji mwingi on your end
-you got the job through patronage rather than credentials

I would like you to read about manipulation. Then proceed to be good at subtle, yet empty threats. Also, divide and rule is a nice avenue.

Heheh cheza chini mkubwa.

ulipewa oversight responsibility ukapeleka u-boss au leadership?

None of the above. Now that we are doing our RCA, maybe some are threatened because they believe I am there to take on their jobs. Mazee hata siwaelewi.

U.leadership munene, ingekuwa ni u.boss wangefnya kazi vile mimi nataka.

Usiheme, iva kubend watu to your will.

Plus uko na experience ya kudeal na Aholes apa ktalk.

Be very firm. Use coercion and cooption. Play organizational politics like machiavelli. Approach the task like sun Tzu. As mentioned use divide and rule. The use of memos is also very important in such scenarios because it shows evidence of directives given and to who.

Also note that what is happening is what is called group dynamics. When a group is formed it goes through several stages: forming,storming,norming,performing,dorming and adjourning.

During forming you were brought in to accomplish a task. During storming you failed to assert yourself leading to your problems. It is at the storming stage that roles are defined and people struggle for power. Now strike the ring leaders of the rebellion and take charge.

What is your job title and powers?Are you more experienced than the others? The answers to these questions will help me advise you. You see power has several sources and so does authority. You must define sources of your power and authority and it will detemine how you will lead these people.

Link bro…nisample kadha

If you allow me, by tomorrow I will give you a lot. Hope you don’t mind niko mbali na machine.

I know a chiq who even suffered an emotional breakdown and had to be put on anti depression drugs just coz she couldn’t handle what her colleagues thought of her…I guess some people are weak emotionally.
My advice is so to identify one or two hardworkers in the group, single them out and leave the rest out. Then simply work with them despite the workload. When submitting the report to the mangers just inform them why you set the others aside and acknowledge those you worked well with.

I am listening, we are all in the same job group, the only reason I tend to be the leader is my experience in that particular field. So siwezi futa mtu.

Sawa I will hold you to that.

hiyo dorming ni gani na sikuiona kwa ile model ya Bruce Tuckman?

Why are they fighting you? According to what you have heard? Do you conduct formal meetings to plan the work?


When the group haina cha kufanya. It becomes dormant haina kazi. Kisha it is adjourned.

must be a recent addition to the model…will refresh.