Empire-episode 8 black men??

I just liked the way on one hand we have a young black man dating a lady old enough to be his mom…another one dating a white chick, their dad banging their mum as a side.chick, while the side.chick is the main dish…but according to me most controversially…a black guy who is banging guys.

Series is over rated

Its really well written. I didnt think I’d enjoy watching it but it gets interesting.

It’s glee for the black people

finished that series kitambo…but it has an amazing suspence

Empire is overrated jst becoz it has a black cast playing the lead role.other than promoting gay shit there is nothing dope about it…

do you know the gay son is Gay in real life

I havent watche this sh*t , so many sisters talking about it and how some gay guys sijui sing in it, i gave up on it. I just had to stick to Gotham and Better Call Saul…

@spgizzi l used to be a fun of animation and loved seth macferlane works akina family guy…l thought family guy was the funniest cartoon ever created
but a jamma suggested l watch brickleberry my friend l was shocked how creative other pple are

now am watching acher funny animation also
so my point is…explore other series and movies be the judge usichukiye juu unaskia kuna gay shit

Family guy is nuts. Even the memory of some scenes makes one laugh like a mad man.

Dat was really twisted…this series just promotes gayism…
the plot itself aint worth the hype…just another average series