Empire: Boom Boom Boom Boom (ft. Lucious Lyon & Bre-Z)

Empire really produces some nice music. This is a win for me.
The self acclaimed ‘god’, the vicious Lucious Lyon is the one on the mic this time.

Rink: http://ratednaija.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/Empire_Cast_-_Boom_Boom_Boom_Boom_Empire_S02_Soundtrack_ft._Terrence_Howard_Bre-Z_www.RatedNaija.com_.mp3

Who watches Empire any more? Mkono juu.

Skiza hiyo track. Shida ya Empire nikuendorse matter core eaters.

[SIZE=1]I watch[/SIZE]

This coon-fest is still on?

[SIZE=1]me too[/SIZE]

This aint for me

[SIZE=1]Me three[/SIZE]