When it comes to sports betting, every punter has a strategy they employ to maximize profits. Winning a sports bet requires some level of premeditation and critical thinking. You need to ask yourselves questions like “How much do I stake?”, “what are the chances of winning?” and, most importantly, decide what odds you want to place a bet upon. While various strategies abound when it comes to sports betting, punters may be broadly divided into two types based on their attitude and approach towards betting. The two groups are Intelligent Punters and Emotional Punters.

Intelligent punters employ a tactic referred to as intelligent betting. So what is intelligent betting? Intelligent betting is the process of being intentional and deliberate about your betting strategies and outcomes. Intelligent punters always have a laid-out plan that is calculative and focused on minimizing risk as much as possible, while betting on the best odds available. These set of punters understand that you can’t win every single bet, so they stake bets not on luck or expectations of miracles but on pure mathematical calculations. Sometimes you find punters with a 2 or 10 odds per day game plan on how to win a million shillings.

Intelligent betting is not achieved by just placing random bets. Instead, it’s a demanding process that involves reading football prediction sites and calculating past matches, players, and team forms. It also requires having a betting budget that you abide by so you know when to take a break as not every bet is winnable. The best odds aren’t determined by how high or low they are but by the likelihood of potential outcomes. Sports betting is a game of probabilities. How else to excel at it than by mapping out a winning strategy?
As the name suggests, this strategy is based more on emotions than clear thoughts and mathematical predictions. You’re deploying an emotional betting strategy when you allow your punting judgment or decisions to be influenced by your emotions. For instance, an Arsenal fan betting in his team’s favour while ignoring the available statistics against the opposing team like form and past meetings is doing it out of love for his team. That is highly emotional and not sustainable. While it’s normal to have a considerable swell of euphoria and excitement as you win bets, it should be kept in check as betting, you win some, and you lose some. It’s easy to get carried away when on a roll that at the end of the day, you may find yourself with little or no profit to show for it.

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