Emotional Intelligence

I just did an online test and failed miserably. I must be honest, I am not surprised because I have a bad habit of stating the cold hard facts disregarding how they affect other people or how they feel. Could this be a symptom of some underlying problem??



What is the problem???

Has your sister brought the dowry they owe to your family?

How is this your business??


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Lack of intelligence.

I took a comprehensive IQ test last year and passed well. I failed the EQ test badly.

Yes, you have a problem. You have a habit of turning all thread discussions that you participate in to be about you


I wanna give you dawa yake

The nigga smells like gio


small penis perhaps?
Wacha Nkimbilie helmet alibai sharrif

Weka link hata mimi nijaribu

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You are cold. People will regard you as a Prick! But Donald Trump could be related to you in another realm



EQ is simply knowing what to say, when to say and how to say it. Unlike IQ …hii unaweza improve with life experiences.

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That means you are heartless Mtu Random. Empathy is important in this life boy.

Bingwa, you need a personality transplant!
Na si tafadhali… Kikikikkkk…

we ni misogynist…the characteristics coincide with your emotional intelligence levels