Happen to have lost critical documents in an arson attack early this month. KCSE result slip, KCSE leaving certificate, KCPE result slip, and my birth certificate.

Guyz at KNEC gave me a long process ya kupata replacements: report to the police, go to my former schools to get sijui what etc…I’m fed up. Nimechoka na nimekasirika sana.

I’m just asking, what is the shortest way to get these replacements? Where do I go, who do I talk to? Pesa si shida, we’ll negotiate.

Just cool down and follow the procedure given, remember these are official documents.

Vile @kasaman amesema hapo juu ama utaulizwa kama unataka pia grades zote ziwe “A”.

Shortest way is you get back KNEC and relisten to what they advised first. What shorter way do you want? Watu wa aina yako ndio wameharibu hii nchi na ufisadi

Fuata maelezo, maagizo, sheria.

It’s not like I want to procure river road certs…hizo hakuna mahali zitanisaidia. Those guys at KNEC have my documents kwa system zao. Nilikuwa nataka kujua if hii kijiji ina mtu wa KNEC, who I can talk to and get sorted without too much bureacracy.

Go official Knec is lifewire currently at 66kv