Embryo Transfer In Cattle

Now I understand that animal health practitioners normally train for Artificial Insemination before graduating. Lakini ni chuo ipi inaoffer ET training in Kenya or elsewhere? This is a revolutionary tech, especially for marginalized farmers. They should realize pure breed animals faster than using AI to improve livestock.

Get those who deal with embryos and work backwards.

Uon pale upper kabete campus can train you

Whats the cost of the process?

Shida ni it’s super expensive … established farms find it expensive forget about marginalized farmers.

20k upwards as opposed to 1500 AI.

That’s extreme. What will you be looking for? Fanya AI ya 6k and that should serve you

Wow, quite expensive. But ikiwa successful you’ll end up with a pure breed animal right?

Fastfoo,MOET is damn expensive.You need more than 6 surrogate dams per flush to remain afloat.Halafu,to flush a cow you need specialised lab. Kabete is the place to be.

Do they train technicians on flushing and consequent lab procedures hapo Kabete?

AI is good especially in mashinane. Demand is quite high. Have you checked AHITI? I have some frens who are vets ntakuulizia. Nikumbushe nikisahau.