EMBARRASSING: Did Italy's PM Wear Bulletproof Vest to State House?

Did Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi take President Uhuru Kenyatta’s message that “security starts with you” seriously?

Well, looks like he did.

President Kenyatta could have suffered the ultimate embarrassment following reports that the PM went to State House wearing a bullet proof vest.

A picture doing rounds on social media shows what looks like corner-shaped outfit underneath the PM’s slim fit Italiain suit.

PM Renzi was shaking hands with State House staff as President Kenyatta looks on.


Courtesy: nairobinews.co.ke

it’s understandable. he’s from the original home of the Mafiosi…


He’s a ninja turtle. Thats just his shell outline under there.


and we still smile as they potray such. these guys should just not come here

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Weh, ebu let’s stop sugarcoating things. If this is true, then it’s a total humiliation of State House. 50 years after independence, these guys still treat us like shit. Don’t be surprised if he had a hand sanitizer close by after all those nigger handshakes…

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Nobody wants to take risks…hata najua obama atakua amevaa kevlar throughout.

@Smith_ sorry to derail your thread, but I see someone who wants to talk about “bullets” and “heads” :D:D:D:D Prepare your anus.



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Just ignore him. He’s still trying to come to terms with his accidental coming out over the weekend.

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You do realize the vest would come in handy in case of an ambush. He has come out strongly to condemn Al Shabaab even in his lecture yesterday at UON.

This vests they regularly have them on even back home.

I dont see a big deal here.

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The threat to his life could be related to his International enemies who could might want to use the opportunity of him being in a land far away from Italy (home) to shoot him.


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