Elon musk buys stake in Twitter.


ii ujinga haituhusu na hatuitaki kamwe…

delete this useless post na sio tafasali

Wekelea latest from ukraine winning the war angalau:D

50 days Putin has accomplished nothing

You have a lot of negative energy mzee.

nigwache jamaa wa turedio…
salimia @purple for +ve energy

you need medical check up:D
The whole of eastern europe is gone for good
Ukraine has no airforce… all airfield & 80% of air assets gone except 3 mig-24 that can land and hide in forests:D
70% navy kaput
200, 000 nazi soldiers dead:D TOJ here

Passive stake inamaanisha hawezi effect policy yeyote ama vipi…

Wacha hata hivyo, he needs 51% to effect a major company policy

Good for him, he better get a stake since he has so much clout there.

It would be next to impossible for Twitter to sensor him now that he’s an owner. He’s usually independent minded on various issues