Ella ciku on a suicide mission

A Few Weeks ago it was rumored
that Ella Ciku was the Girl to
represent Kenya in the Most coveted
reality Tv Show Big Brother Africa. It
now turns out that she might not be
in the List after Bien’s brother,
Melvin Alusa being disclosed on the
first date as one of the contestants
and this may have shocked her.
Posting on her Social Media Profile
“Fighting to not commit suicide
so kindly let me be. Work
continues but I need to be left
alone for a while. I invite
abusive men to beat me to death
please," Something the public have
taken serious suspecting it might be
as a result of Failing to make it to
the BBA House.

remind me who Ella ciku is again? siku hizi kila mtu anataka fame.

what are you talking about