Eliud Kipchoge paid peanuts.

For a man the calibre of Kipchoge, hii pesa ni peanuts bwana. He was entertaining the whole world alafu anajengwa tu 14m. This guy must a have a very quack manager or anakulwa pesa ama ni mimi sielewi vile athletics is run. [ATTACH=full]468186[/ATTACH]

At the fence KRA guys be wating for him.

Who even watches marathons? He should be glad he is making more than $30 running for only 2 hours

There is a predetermined amount of prize money for winners and new records for every event
If you run in a low-prize event, you get less money

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That is the fixed prize for the marathon. He cannot negotiate. However, Kipchoge will be paid much more by his sponsors, his NN running team especially. He will go home with more than 50M.

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Marathon is not that popular an event. $500k for one race is a long shot. $50-100k is the norm.

Kipchoge is on a different class. Nike will easily surpass that figure. He has promoted their brand globally.

Nike already has him on a annual pay. They don’t pay much per race unless they are sponsors of the event and he breaks the record. They expect their athletes to perform.

There are always bonuses for each event in addition to the annual/regular payment. Even Omanyala earns tens of millions from Adidas, what about a legend.

Yeah there’s bonuses but pay special attention to the sport and event. I think you are stretching assumptions with 50M.

Endorsement and Brand Ambassadorship.

For two hours of work, which is not bad.

Hapana, io sio ukweli. 10’s of millions sahau.

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The work which has gone into that 2 hour performance? Wacha tu!

I saw that figure nikashangaa. That’s probably annual sales of Adidas in Kenya.

14m kwa mbio to alafu baado unasema ni peanuts? Wewe unaeza ata kimbia na ulipwe. 14m is a lot of cash na inaeza kutoa from poverty

The package deal also involves bonuses on every gold medal he clinches as well as records he breaks.
“(The deal) It’s good money, they will sponsor my travelling, knitting and bonuses for every win that I get. The money is a lot, it has surpassed millions.”
Details on Omanyala’s Contract With Adidas

14m is definitely a lot of cash but this man is arguably the greatest marathoner OF ALL TIME so I guess you see why I feel that figure is small.

I was surprised that Omanyala is quite well paid. He speaks about his investment in some real estate here.