Wakubwa, yesterday we had a power outage. At that particular time, my tv and home theatre were on.

After a minute or so, we had a very strong lightning followed by thunder. Afterwards, power was restored.

I put my tv on, but hometheatre hasnt been powering on. I tried to power the kplc token device. It powers on but doesnt show token balance. It just indicates ‘0.00’, but by yesterday I had like 25 units. I thought maybe the watts(stima ni kidogo). I powered my iron box(I always presume inatumia stima mob), ikawaka sawa.

Have you ever experienced such ? I’m kind of confused juu vitu kama device ya token I presume yafaa itumie moto kidogo, haifanyi na iron box ina fanya.

Any suggestions ? Solutions ?

Tafuta fundi wa stima acha uduanzi.

Do you plug your units through a surge protector?

Fuse ya ht inaweza kuwa iliblow with the power surge. Uko na guard?

uko na shida ya Kenya power alafu unaleta hapa tukusaidie?

Honestly, no.

How possible is that ? Stima iki lost yaweza choma fuse ? I thought ikiwa unstable ndio yaweza leta issue. Also, mbona hiyo gadget ya token yaonyesha 0.00 ?

That is where I get a sort of disconnect.

Wewe tegea uweke :meffi::meffi::meffi::meffi: ya take the poll.

home theatre ilichomeka lakini naweza inunua kama scrap

:D:D Kuja chukua hii kitu ya kplc ya token pia.

I think pasi inaweza chukua any voltage but kitu kama ht inaweza kuwa that voltage haitoshi. Sijui

:DAs you can see with your own eyes, hometheatre imechomeka. Pole.

He he. But why is the token gadget reading 0.00 ?
HT kama ime ungua nita accept na ku move on tu.

Cheki fuse ya io plug ya nare ya hometheatre, kama ime chapa replace

Thanks. I already did, fuse iko sawa. Vile wasee wame sema hapo juu, hii kitu ni kama imechapa.

I cant wrap my mind around how imeungua kama stima zili lost.

Shida yake ni token metre imeharibika na hometheater pia. Try to change plug ya hometheater and see whether it might have guarded your machine. Token metre ita watu wa kplc

Your token mtr imechomeka. Na token zako zinaendelea kuisha. Unfortunately hauwezi load new ones. Ask kenya power wa replace hiyo mtr soonest. Coz utakuwa gizani soon hizo token zikiisha.


Daaamn !! Hii ni noma sasa. Na vile kplc hu behave kama mtu ananyesha.

Don’t risk fixing it yourself, I’ve heard a lot of stories where people have died. Electricity wiring in your house is not a joke!

Strange evening jana then.
Lake victoria basin busia siaya bondo tulikuwa na tremors at about 8.30ish pm…manyumba yalirumble mbaya…but we are okay.

I would be very scared if I got into this situation. Rain, thunder and lightning, and in addition, the house is dark, a great start to a horror movie. Maybe I’m just too hypocritical. But I think that you should check the equipment with an electrician, as it is strange that after a thunderstorm it failed. When I started to show bad TV after such a sharp jump in electricity, my friend advised me to contact https://gordonpowers.com.au/suburb/electrician-crows-nest// and that was the best solution. It turns out that I had a very big problem with the wiring, as it is quite old, which could lead to a big fire.