Electric Motorcycle the next big business

Hii kitu si inatoka mbio. 0-90kph in less than 6 seconds. inaitwa Opibus


The company name is Opibus. Huyu atanukisha kitunguu proper. These are the things we want. sio kila mtu kufungua mpesa na kujenga bedsitters West Pokot kama @eddy mahelo

Hizi wale phone snatchers wakipata itaboost biz yao kabisa, these things are so quiet huwezi skia ikikam. Ata assassin anaeza kuua vizuri sana akiwa nayo.

It’s at least 15 seconds

Opibus ni ya wazungu si ya Wakenya, but props to them for their foresight

hii lazima nikamate

Na watengeneza automatic bikes hii maneno ya clutch na gear inaudhi bana

Nunua scooter basi. Bike ni za wanaume

Inaudhi vipi? eleza.

Anyone can start up an electric car or electric scooter /bike start up

But the one thing they can’t do, is make the most expensive part of the bike/car which is the battery. 90% of the batteries are made by just 3 companies
[li]Panasonic[/li][li]LG Chem[/li][li]Contemporary Amperex Technology Limited (CATL)[/li][/ul]
This is shaping to be a profitable monopoly in the future

Tesla is in the mix as well. Their technology for longer lasting batteries is yet to be replicated. They manufacture their own batteries now after Panasonic couldn’t keep up with their demand for more supplies and longer lasting batteries.

Am seeing KPLC soon coming up with a partnership with SHELL or KeNOL Kobil to set up electric charging points across all their fuel stations country wide. And domestic/commercial installation of metred 3Phase charging points at a fee.

They already announced the plan beginning of the year. So nothing much to see.
The problem with electric motorcycles is range. They claim a range of 160km. In real life scenerios this is likely to translate to 100km-120km.
Also 90 kph is as slow as a tortoise for a 1300 USD motorbike.
What’s their target market?

Kenol sasa ni Rubis kirubis

Ziko mdau

Shida kubwa ni how long must you wait for full charge? Petrol utajaza na 3mins

Yeah. That too but if the range could be upped to 500 km, then it wouldn’t be so bad. After 500 km of riding a bike you need a long rest anyway.

kuna watu very dedicated na battery building and setups. ever since e-bikes were a thing. there’s all kinds of diy shit with very quality batteries.

mukisema Tesla, the catch is lithium, which is mined and non renewable, so this shit will boom only as long as lithium is available, before ianze kua stupidly expe.