Electric Fat Bikes

Wadau ive seen these electric bikes hapo river road and luthuli going for 60k.
Top speed 30 km/h. charges 4 hours and that goes for 40 km without pedal assisst.
Wana gerrit for riding tu mtaani and going to the CBD work on saturdays.
Any advise? who has tried it?



Don’t be moved by cheap sensations, nimesema, na nasisitiza, gari za umeme, ni mwoto ya nyasi. Wakenya wengi wenye wali embrace izi vitu wa kwanza hapa kenya, sasa ivi hawataki io upuzi, wamerudi kwa gari za kawaida

Cycyling in Nairobi is a big No No , sishindanii njia na gari za kayole na rongai !

Unasema nini?

nasema msinunue electric bikes na electric cars.

You may find that the cost of maintaining the bike is higher than that of a Toy Yoda kadudu

They don’t have moving parts zero maintenance. NiMH battery can be as cheap as 8k new one and will serve for a year

Kama hujui kitu afadhali unyamaze. Or stick to Ruto chieth. Hii maneno haitaki uzee. Where is the problem with electric bikes?
We have owned them and enjoyed them to the fullest with zero regrets

To the OP, From the looks it seems to be a 250W and those tires are too fat for the bike to cover all those mileage. But you can have some fan with it

Why anyone would buy an electric bike is totally beyond me

I think the same too. That fat bike is definitely underpowered.

Two-wheels in Nairobi? Una roho, mimi huogopa hizi barabara sana.

Kenyan rds are in 1000 ways to die. But lately nimeona alot of people riding bikes to tao. Gotta do what you gotta do to survive at this hard economic time

Seriously considering this as well

Makes sense if you do long distance, there is no ebike that goes electric alone. You have to pedal and set the multiplier effect of assistance you need from electric motor. You find a guy pedaling slowly lakini kitu inaenda kama nduthi.

:D:D:D hapa utapatana na @johntez addi gaza msafi akunyonge na akuibie the same day umenunua.

:D:D:D:D:D ati cycle in Kanairo…you joke too much.

What would an online troll know about hi tech and engineering? Stick to your pedestrian politicos

kuwa mpole baba, kila mwanabiashara anataka kupunguza costs na kuongeza profits. kwa nini izo bikes zenu na magari zenu hakuna mtu anazitaka na vile bei ya mafuta imeenda juu?
kwa nini mmejaza content kwa magazeti na online kuhusu buses zenu za stima lakini tukienda stage hatuzipati? mtaongea mchoke.

Me. I don’t own one but I’ve rid them. The big wheels strain the motor so it discharges the battery faster. They are sold all over as second hand or sometimes owners chop the electronics.
My advice, get one of these.
Very popular for a reason. They also work great uphill carrying 140KGs. It can also go on unpaved roads.
Even these one work great. I once rode pillion from Survey till Roasters and it went uphill with no issues.
These favour tarmac roads. And another brand called City Roco or City Coco, I think.
These ones. Small fat wheels. Only good for tarmac roads.
All of these sell for 30k to 50k. Second hand/Ex-UK.

local city riding without strain

Prokopanda ama parable?