Elections Act Second Schedule: on violence

As NASA shouts about constitutional right to demonstrate they are not talking about their responsibility as a coalition of registered parties in relation to elections and the iebc. Wacha tusome hapa kwanza
By attacking iebc officials they are contravening the section that gives the the responsi ility to ensure the security of iebc officials, observers and election premises.

What I’m trying to establish is what happens when a polling station or region is inaccessible due to force majeur or civil unrest. @Nattydread, @obienga, @spear, @gashwin, @coldpilsner etc kujeni hapa

97 out of 201 expected presiding officers in migori did not turn up today. The boycott is real.

Others will be trained and airlifted. Bora polling station ifunguliwe. Election day mukijaribu ndio mtajua you aint seen nuttin yet

Aha! IEBC has the powers of the high court to discipline, a member and leader of a registered political party for violation of the code but thats not all, soma hii kwanza then I show you what NASA is aiming for…

Sasa habari ndio hii. IEBC cansuspend a political party or specific members from participating in an election. See the connection with the withdrawal? Cheki shasha…

the law is clear, any civil unrest, demos, idling 100metres from a polling station is illegal during a gazetted election day according to the elections act…

I wish I could have been a PO in NASWA area I would have enjoyed the ride in a APC and the cold 9mm magnum hanging next to my 9 inch dicknum toolbox.