Eldoret/langas bonoboism

what has been witnessed at Langas is total stupidity. This is the kind of stupidity that will cost us. There is no third world country that can feed all its citizens that’s the reality people must face, n we cant turn first world overnight. That is y curfew was put instead of a total lockdown. People should just obey the curfew, social distancing, be disciplined, and behave.

When you said langas I thought of something else

Kijana nmesema mara kadhaa hunanga hakiri. Think beyond what the liqor king said. Unataka watu wakufe njaa ndio uzuiliwe kupata maradhi? Kai wina ngoma? And what is the end game of the curfews? End corona? Will th cases end with curfew? Dont you see the whole approach of the govt you love is totally wrong, they are always reactive instead of proactive. Those guys are just giving a message to the red eyed one. Nobody can just wake up and decide to disobey a simple order.

on your opinion, which could have been the best approach?! weh ukiri na hakiri tukiugue. na utige kuruma muthamaki thegere ino!

He couldnt close airports despite even the deaf crying and asking him to do so. This same man couldn’t enforce a mandatory quarantine till we had cases spread all over. When the cases overwhelm our facilities, they will call for a lockdown. We can only save the solution if they provide food to the needy and lock them in their houses…that’s right now when we have fewer cases. Uspowapatia chakula they will riot.
Otherwise cases will just escalate in the next few weeks and the same govt will then enforce a lockdown on a later date. Ama what did you get from your uthamaki interpretation in his last address? And don’t say it’s better now…its very bad to some. Think of that market guy, boda, tuktuk, clubs, gaming shops, whose avenues to earn has been closed. How much time will they wait for this to end? Will curfew solve these issues?apana tambua Martin Liquor King ju anakuanga amekosa hakiri ka wewe na wakanyugi

Again, the govt is likely to spend more money trying to control thousands of cases than feeding the poor right now.

i’ve simply asked u what could have been done. is Kenyan approach worse than that of other countries? N i’ll repeat to u, none of the countries in the world that closed airport immediately, govt decisions are not done on emotion, boy!Mandatory quarantine is neva the first option, kindly be following international news n do comparative analysis n u will realise kenyan approach is one of the best. na urenda kuirwo maita maigana kamwana gaka ati no third world country can feed all its poor citizens, that’s y curfew is better than total lockdown. Thie ukamie nandacokera uhe muthamaki gitio!

They cant feed the poor the same way they can’t control this thing. Hao watu wote wamepoteza jobs na wengine wenye watazidi kupoteza, their time is coming. Meffi nyinyi

Onei kanda īhaha īkīrīa mai. How will Lockdown stop spread and end the virus? Utanirudishia hiyo.

weh niwe uraria mai! Kenya has not issued a lockdown n it’s trying best not to issue one. Then hiyo swali yako ni ya a complete ignorant person I couldnt even be having a conversation with. Countries all over the world are issuing curfews, lockdowns n shutdowns, even WHO n other international bodies have recommended such measures, so direct ua question to WHO or other international disease pandemic experts. pliz be informed, boy, b4 posting ignorance.

Nonsense. The approach of govt is to reduce the rate of the spread but not spreading. That means those who have been affected will never return to their business as long as corona doesn’t get a vaccine. When is that? 2022? Aaand, majority are the ones affected- the SMEs. 80%. You must be one of those permanently employed by the govt so you dont care what others are going thru. And am bookmarking this thread to see the next govt action in a few weeks to come…when we’ll have 1000 cases. Na utige kuria mai