Elders saidieni hapa TBT movie identity.

There was a movie we used to watch when we were kids kwa ile cinema ya kitamba, that is project. It was an epic movie that had a scene of chariot racing. I only remember that part where a chariot had modified wheels that cut the wheels of others when racing.
Who knows the title of the movie?

:D:D:D you are old, nilianza kuwach movies in the era when video tapes were giving way for VCDs.
Some movies just live with the memories if you can’t get hold of a copy.

What I know is that they used to show a lot of Bud Spencer and Terrence Hill movies.

Ben Hur

Uko sure si Gladiator?

Kama @WongNamba alivyosema, most likely ni Ben Hur. This is the 1959 version, the quality is impressive


Alafu there was a remake in 2016


Gladiator come out in the year 2000 when VCDs were coming in. OP means the days movies (in a reel and projector) would come in a van kwa mtaa, then in the middle of the movie, someone would throw rotten eggs into the crowd.
Anyway tafuta hapa… wrink.

Hehe, hiyo Centurion ilikuwa moto. Kuna dame flani hakuwa na ulimi alikuwa anaitwa Etain, alihangaisha Roman soldiers kama ghaseer. Hiyo spear kazi yake ilikuwa kukata vichwa

Vile @WongNamba amesema

Charlton Heston

Hiyo movie mlilipa ngapi kuingia?