Elders mlisemaje kuhusu story ya kudate madem wayoung.

I am getting more and more tired of dating women older than me. Am not saying that they are bad, but dating an older women, especially for a serious relationship is not a good idea. All the issues they’ve gone through in their earlier lives will be dumped on you and you’ll be feeling tired each day as you are carrying the baggage of listening to a woman has seen more than you in this world whining. Whining isn’t healthy for any mind, and this is what older women always do to their partners.
So I wannna date sweet things between 18 and 21. I have already spotted a potemtial target, all that remains is to bring the victim to the slaughter house, my manyatta, for slaughtering. So it it a good idea for a 22 to 23 year old real nigga to date a 19 year old who’s just out of high school ama nitaonekana kama pedophile Uwes??plus she’s short, though she got big boogs and ass, but she’s short somenody can think she’s probbaly 15 or 16 or 17. But amenionyesha ID. Peeni mzito mawaidha.

Just do what makes you HAPPY… life is short

Thats the perfect age to date and mold her to however you want her to be. We said earlier if you want a more dedicated and envisioned lady in life go for 19-21yr olds. After hapo ni same old story.

If she is 19 and you are 99, katambe :D. According to the government, you are both adults.

MGTOW ukipata chance ya kuchukua slices chukua alafu udisappear to the darkest part of ngong forest

Beta chiet

I dont subscribe to such kind of bullshit. She’s too young if I do that she’ll end up hating men. I can tell an innocent lady from miles away.


22 to 23 year old real nigga!! eeeeeeeh c huyo ni agemate yako ? ama?

Real nigga dont fall in love

From experience,18-22 years olds are adults,but immature when comes to long term relationships.At this age,for both men and women,the frontal part of the brain called the ‘frontal lobe’ is not yet fully developed.This is what makes this age group very easy to influence to do things or make decisions.This means you can easily mould them and influence their decisions.Thats why advertising agencies design ads that target them because they are the trendsetters even to the older folks (learnt all these at a seminar titled ‘demystifying the youth’ by consumer insight’.
At this age,these girls are barely discovering themselves.They dont yet know which career direction to take,which type of man to date,when or where to settle down.They dont even know if they are straight or lesbian.Every man who comes into their lives based on what they want immediately becomes ‘the one’.If the following month a new trend sets in and ‘the one’ is not with it he is immediately dumped.
My advice?Kama imo opportunity ya kuuma, uma and enjoy the journey while it lasts.That means you wont hurt her by disappearing to Karura.You will be in it with an open mind knowing it can end anytime.
These are chicks utapatia ball azae, but when she realizes she there is a part of growing up she didnt enjoy like going out with pals,attending events,going to Milan for brunch,atakua anaacha mtoi kwa nyumba anaenda kulewa na anadinywa hapo nje.
Kama unataka kuwa single dad ama divorcee, marry this age group.By the way,80% of divorces in Kenya are from couples who married between 20 and 26years.

Just get circumcised Dem ataku heshimu. Kuna free circumcision pale kimilili tag along your brothers @MBOMB na @poyoloko na pia baba yako @Tiriitiondo .

The Elder has spoken.
The Gods have made clear their wishes.
Itabidi amekua dated.

Mimi kuna moja, ananisumbua but mimi hapana. She even abused me sana Leo. Kesho I will write a 4 pages hekaya. Very very beautiful woman. She’s 10/10 but she is 22. Very draconian age. Sumbua tu.

Yes. I hear after 21 they start bringing in issues

Relationships are overrated… Kula ukikanyaga kubwa

How is the acquisition that came with a calf doing after you domesticated it?

Boss at your age tafuta pesa, mambo na dating achia highschool negroes. Take your slices, bounce and keeep working on your dreams. Let her chase u if she is interested, kazi yako ni kujijenga to the best of your upper limits. Let them bitches have their fun, your time will come.

Picture this, when you will be 35, that girl anakuchizisha saaa hii will be 33, fat, boring, ugly and unattractive. You will want nothing to do with her na utakuwa ukisaka vitu swafi swafi under 25 years. Na kama hio umri ikifika na huna gari kubwa, good job/biz, nyumba na pesa - because u wasted your 20s on useless relationships - u will join the ranks of perpetual wankers here on ktalk who can only score single mothers.

This should not even be under discussion. If you are sure she is 19, why do you worry? Not unless you’re afraid she’s too short for you

I usually hate cliche meaningless statements.
Hii pesa mnaambianga watu watengeneze ama watafute wapi?
Instead tell him…‘boss at your age come I show you how to make money’.