Elders help this young man

Villagers a few days ago I woke up to this phrase below in my inbox @African King is asking for your help elders. Take notes young man

'sema man, i need some bro advice.

kuna dame mmoja namfeel ile mbaya lakini sasa shida ni i do not have the courage to assk her out becuase we have mutual friends and also she is friends with one of my relatives and i kinda get a feeling like she knows that i like her ama she sees me as a friend. nomare!

help a brotha out man i dont know kama niseme f**k it and shoot my shoot ama nifanyeje.’

@Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii nimwambie ukweli ama utamwambia tu … ?

Avoid women who feel like “friends”. If a woman feels like “friend” to you or she feels like you are “friend” to her…tembea. Tembea na Yesu.

Elders walisema mwanamke unamtomba akili kwanza …

Huyo hawes saidika. Tell him to practice a simple ‘hi’ with random birds. Seems there is chemistry but the fool is a coward.

Tembeza na yesu amen halleluya amen

How old are you? Sasa utasaidikaje jamani? You love a woman and you are afraid to ask her out? I can’t relate. Learn how to katia gals for fun at least to learn the game.

Don’t worry man you are just a moth afraid to come out of cocoon.Coward

Katia her best friend or worse befriend her hot sis with CONFIDENCE & ask for a date…& don’t flake or you will be labelled a Wussy… If it doesn’t work out then somebody in your family tree spoiled your party

kutoka friendzone ni kama turtle kujaribu tuacha shell ama samaki kutoka kwa maji

kuna mwingine aliniweka friendzone, i couldnt get her off my mind until one day i told her head on, nitakuja mtomba aitane…
i dont know what she took me for but it was a plus for me… i never thought about her anymore
. never had feelings for her anymore …

Emotions are just mind games

Nikiwa mtoi Mimi na genge langu tulitoa Mzee Kobe kwa shell using crude tools . but it didn’t live to see its kids

Tell the guy not to worry, I was also afraid of talking to girls, when I was like 12 years old. The guy should man the fuck up and ask her out. What’s the worst that could happen anyway? Her saying no? If he doesn’t ask her out now, he’ll live to regret his cowardice when an alpha swoops in and and grabs the girl by her pussy kama Trump.

itotally support this…100%…that chic will be the one doing the chasing now…

wachana na kukatiakatia madame. tell them directly at the beginning your intentions, adn then start a conversation about nothing.

forexaampo: “you and i should do tea one day. i know a place where they make the 2nd best masala tea you’ve ever tasted” [SIZE=1](just something silly not ouright ninataka kukunyonya cloacca like some bukusu guy would say)[/SIZE]

she will probably laugh or ssay i don’t like masala tea. then you proceed with something like the drive down to that place is actually better than the tea… or if she says why not take me to the best place you respond “i make the best masala tea. and i don’t think you’re ready…” and you now start a conversation with others about other things or you engage her further. by then she’ll be smiling inside thinking “this guy…” and you’re in/

thank me later. we’ve been doing this since 1944 and it has worked pretty well. just state your intentions and move on to something else. the intentions will reveal itself in its time.

Talk a lttle bit more on this my brother.

Shida ni rejection bana hehe. I have only known this girl for 2 weeks we have spoken quite alot, i do not know whether she feels me like that but i think she likes me but i can not gauge if kama ananiona kama beshte ama she more than that.

Hehe safi i have done this once and it was a success but that was because my boyz walinichocha ile mbaya.

Pole bradhee, niliona post yako kuwa that chic wanna be friends only

Nishapoa brathee hii Ni hali ya maisha.