Elders, Aneje commits suicide over a woman!!

A 54-year-old man from Lunyinya Village in Malava Constituency, Kakamega County, has committed suicide. Saul Anenje, ended his life after his estranged wife declined to meet him despite sending her bus-fare on three separate occasions. The body of Anenje was on Friday night found hanging from a manila mosquito net tied to the roof of a corridor in his house. Besides “wasting” bus-fare sent to her, Anenje’s wife, Beatrice Nanyama, is also alleged to have squandered money meant for their children’s school fees. The deceased’s family says their daughter-in-law, 42, fled her matrimonial home in November last year following unending marital conflict. The mother of five children, the eldest being a Form One studentand the youngest being a Class Two pupil, is said to have sneaked back to her matrimonial home in Decemberand took the children with her to her parents’ home in Chimoi, Malava Constituency. The Late Anenje’s family said that early Friday, their kin called his wife on phone, and asked her to reunite with him, but she said she wasn’t interested in rescuing the marriage. “My brother’s wife told him that she was done with him, and wanted the marriage annulled,” Anenje’s brother, Joshua Anenje, toldK24 Digital.“Yesterday, he complained that Nanyama had made the heartbreaking decision, yet — in the recent past — she had been receiving money from him under the pretense that she would use it to travel and meet him,” added Joshua.“On the planned travel dates, Nanyama often gave my brother all manner of excuses.”Joshua said Anenje had sent to Nanyama a total of Ksh10, 200 with the bulk of the money to beused in enrolling their first-bornchild, a daughter aged 17, to Form One.“She, however, squandered the money, and the child is yet to join Form One at Bulupi Secondary School in Malava,” said Joshua.“When my brother asked her why she was yet to take the girl to school, she hurled all manner of insults at him,” added Joshua. The incident has been confirmed by Shianda Location Chief in Kabras South ward, George Maina, who said Nanyama carried with her every house item when she left her matrimonial home in November last year. Anenje’s body was taken to Kakamega County Referral Hospital. Anjenje leaves behind his five children (three girls and two boys).

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