El Nino rains to begin at the end of this week, Weatherman says


Yep. According to weather.com, Sunday kutanyesha, wednesday, na Thrusday next week.

Upuss, local met department inakuwanga opposite of their predictions.

Weather man knows how to cover his ass

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according to mydryfry.com, kutanyesha from probably Friday till Tuesday. Watu wajipe shughuli as “Elnino” hits.

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Umbrella- Tick
Gumboots- Tick
Raincoat- Tick
Kuhama- bado

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Oh of course kutanyesha! Ask any pink handles here, wanabuy tampons.

What differentiates the normal rains from el-nino??? As long as I can recall it has always rained in October/November in Nairobi and I bet that this year is no different!

I guess that makes me Nguatah Francis!

It will be more than ‘Normal’ kind of rainfall. Meaning more flooding, More landslides, More deaths, more selikali saidia

Duration and intensity. Oct/Nov rains are normally short rains. This time itanyesha till January.

Ok… more rain, more duration, more intensity…:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D… you guys should be copywriting marketing promotions za OMO, Royco na Aromat… and off course Rubia na Havoline

It rained more than normal in April and May, was that El Nino?

It always rains in October.Floods are experienced in Narok,Nyando plains,Budalangi,Nairobi river etc. If so, then El Niño ni kila mwaka!