Egypt vs seuth efrica

Mzansi napeleka nefertiti mbio mbio…

Wacha ntaona highlites kesho. Huku ni bengi inavutwa

If Egypt loses then Afcon inaisha, the way they have not been going to the stadium when their team is not playing.
I want to see them cry…

South Africa have lost 5 clear scoring chances . Mo salah will get one and kill the game

Ma ghassia wanajaaa game zao wanalenga game za waafrika .

7 clear goal scoring opportunities and counting

Egypt is weak, if they find a good team watanyoroshwa. But mzansi hawawezani

Ion Messi amekula red, Copa america

washenzi sana

If South Africa keeps the momentum and utilizes chances , we will see the stadium cry…

What a goal

Bao safi . ghassia waarabu waende nyumbani

Seuth efrika wakazie hawa waarabu!

Seut efrica hapo sawa

They are good on the counter.

Ghasia wakwende!
Two down,two more to go!

Great South Africans, hawa washenzi waangalie game from home sasa

Egypt hata game ya UG were helped a lot by their goalkeeper.

Kuma mwarabu

South Africa were by far the better team and if they had better quality players the score line would have been embarrassing for Egypt.