Eggplant Fridays! Leo Mi Na Dandia Tu Kama Mat

Friday is finally here! Happy IDD to our Muslim brothers…

If you pack some massive eggplant in your pants… Don’t keep it to yourself… Post it!

Nitaidandia tu kama mat!


kuja nikukamue uwache kiherehere

naona ushatengeneza ugali na ni moto kweli kweli…wacha nilete mutura turarue vilivyo…na hio ugali yako inaka tamu…sijui nilete mutura size gani mami


[ATTACH=full]9659[/ATTACH] go get such

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Wapi? I can’t cum in Kiriandutu…

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Aki jay! 9 inches hivi…ama 12" aki bay wewe decide…

Talk of waking up horny. @Supu don did I see you have liked the thread? Mama yangu!

so you can only cum in kitusuru hivi hivi ama lavi hivi hivi

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unakuja nikukamue ama una kuja kuona surrounding?


I just wanna thank all ya’ll boys wearin’ sweats at the gym showing off that hint of an outline or an actual bulge … Ya’ll got me here with my inhaler dyin’ a beautiful slow death



oooh bby…am dripping…quite horny this morning…

na kuteremsha ni passion juice hivi hivi

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What’s happening with the females in this forum? Even the sober minded ones like Purr_27 and Unicorn are getting sucked in by this horny madness of FP.


NIAJE @Female Perspective

Super Ugly…

Put your cups up, get your smoke in
Baby, we partying, ain’t nobody loc’n
Who you provoking, what you want now?

I’mma Keep my face down, and my ass up!!


Ha ha ha ha, hapa kuna chida. I will have to buy you the battery operated chew bone so your cat can be playing with it.

Eeeh…I was born this way!

kuna bibi yako hapa?

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brinjals in pants. sexed up ugali. naughty sweet potatoes (hii ndiyo ngwaci gwikira?). sigh, what a Friday morning?