Egerton University Chronicles

Following masaibu ya @Lecturer M M , nimeona pia niseme masaibu yangu ya Eger. I must add that ilikuwa masaibu ya kujitakia. Had I not become addicted to akoho, I wouldn’t have been in that mess.

First, some background story. I have been an average student since primo. I cruised through primo and seco, scoring a B plain pale mid-90’s. Yes, I am that old… (End of background story.)

This meant direct entry to University. JAB ferked up big time coz I was admitted to Egerton to study B. Ed. (Sci). I have always loved electronics and Computer Science was a very desirable course for me. Tried seeing VC Prof. Kiptoon (Vice Chancellor, not Village Chief:D:D:D), but the secretary could not grant me an appointment with him. I said ferk! let me take Math/ Phy, though I did well in Chem. First year was a breeze. I had started imbibing Tusker, but it was controlled consumption. Weekends would find me at Club Dimples, Nakuru.

This party mood escalated quickly: I became a party animal. Upon reporting for 2nd year, I discovered I had failed Introduction to Calculus. The resit was quite easy and this may have fooled me into thinking that the next units would be as easy. Big mistake!. By end of Y2S1, I had failed 4 out of 11 units. By end of Y2, I had failed 9 out of 22 units. I escaped discontinuation by a whisker. (You had to have failed a total of 50% of credit factors or weighted average. I was around 49% fail.). I did resits while already in Y3. I failed 3 units.

Prof. Kiptoon’s tenure ended, ushering in Prof. Maritim’s era. Upon inspection of students with F’s, he (Maritim) was shocked to find even 4th years with failed courses. It was the norm then to proceed to the next year of study with a failed unit. Administration of resits was erratic at best. Regulations were amended such that in the event that a student fails a unit, he/ she would first do a resit, and upon failing the resit, he/ she would retake the course. If they failed the retake, then it would be an automatic disco. If one needed to retake the units, he/ she needed to register for them first. One thus ended up leaving out courses meant for your level. This meant that you had to come and do them later. I had amassed 4 more F’s in Y3, 2 each semester. The courses I had failed in Y3 were a continuation of Y2 courses.

Wacha depression iingie when I started Y4! Needless to say, I became a DDO. Kwanza nilianza kunywa hard stuff kama Mountain Bull (similar to Medusa), then Merry Cane, Tiger and others. Thankfully, suicidal thoughts never crossed my mind. I didn’t get the opportunity to smoke the hard ones. I am equally thankful that I stayed at my Aunt’s place, who organised counseling sessions for me until I came to terms with my situation. I went back and cleared the five Y4 courses I had dropped in favor of Y3 and Y2 ones. During this time, I tried getting in touch with my friends who had graduated earlier, lakini once they got to know my number, wakalenga calls zangu. J & S, Mungu anawaona:D:D:D. Nikasema haina shida, nitamaliza tu. I finally graduated 3 years later.

PS: I stopped imbibing akoho many moons ago and I don’t regret that bit. The exact reason as to why I did it is a story for another day.

mid 1990s na ulikua na phone number!!! Ni sawa tu

murkumeno usitumie meno kama akili

Mountain bull, that stuff was being sold for 1400 kibuyu ya 20 liters

Umeona watoto hapa ama

Hii si kibuyu ni mtungi!

Hii mountain bull , hata mimi nilikuwa nakunywa hapo Njoks.
Thanks for the Hekaya, made me nostalgic.

Wewe ni Veteran wa Marish Pub

Nilikunywa siku moja time ya campaign karibu nianguke tatton na ninaishi buru. Nikawacha

Kwanza time za Campaign, ilikuwa inanunuliwa na mitungi, mnapea jeshi, alafu mnapanda kutoka Tatton, hadi C.B.D kusumbua.

Hio ya campaign ni kama ilikuwa laced na vitu zingine. Ilikuwa moto literally

Watu wa kuchapa KK hapo Diana’s kabla ya kwenda summit kusuguana, tukutane hapo kwa anko register jaza hapo QD.

this story has been tampered with,sema bado hujagraduate hakuna atakaye kujudge.

why would one buy njohi in 20l jericans?

Wapi nimeongea kuhusu phone number? Purchased my first phone in 2001.


Wengi sana. Haina shida. Watakuwa wazee kama mimi tu…

Hata sijataja mambo ya Njokerio. Busaa tulikamata kabisa pale juu kwa Caro. He Kaya for another day.

Nilikuwa naishi Ruwe 35&38. Minimum staggering distance.


Campaign ilikuwa moto. Had mjamaa wanabrew akoho by fermenting fruits especially pineapples. I forget the name of the concoction.