whats the science behind this??

ni pic mzee lakini




huu ni uchawi @Mundu Mulosi yuko wapi afafanue?

Nini inafanyika? Saw nothing.

Hehehe… Kwani @Mundu Mulosi kwao ni wachawi?

Brain games on history channel

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Huezi ona chochote kwa kabambe.

That’s how a camera works.

If you kill someone, ensure they don’t look at you, otherwise your image will remain embedded onto their eyes and police can track you. That’s why some killers chuck out the eyes of their victims.




mmmmmagic ama mademoni


True. Watched a certain CSI and they retrieved the killer’s image from the eyes.

That’s impossible, the eyes don’t die immediately, they might still be seeing other images long after you are dead only that the brain can’t process them.

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Garbage! The principle is the same but there is no image retained at the the point the optical nerve at the back of the eye.
And shame on you for using CSI as your reference for real science!

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Matusi ya nini na niliona kwa CSI?
Read this:

Optography is the process of viewing or retrieving an optogram, an image on the retina of the eye. A belief that the eye “recorded” the last image seen before death was widespread in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and was a frequent plot device in fiction of the time, to the extent that police photographed the victims’ eyes in several real-life murder investigations, in case the theory was true. Although repeatedly debunked as a forensic method, there is a scientific basis behind the idea.