Economist in the house...?

Will we ever trade 90 bob or less for a dollar? Just when I was readying myself to import a car,shit hits the fan. Then I hear gava will charge some more fees on second hand vehicles 3yrs older. It will be costing roughly 900k to import Mazda demio. We are living in hell.

Think about all the dollars that were flowing in through the Somali informal money transfer - the Hawala - that was shut down by Government …

buying a vehicle worth 600,000 will now cost almost a mill,we are fucked

Hii hakuna economist anaweza kukujibu. unakumbuka time oil price ilikuwa ina fluctuate, we saw all manner of economists being proven wrong

I have always said that the financial system is flawed…if you understand how money works you will know that we are all enslaved.

watch the documentary The Four Horsemen (iko youtube) and thank me later

the kind of money system we use is fundamentally flawed. Not the paper money itself, but the philosophy behind it. only that few people have guts to talk abt it.

because they svavange on our carcases

When will this take effect?

Why specifically a Demio and not any other masculine car?


was in the new budget,give it 2-3 months

Why you shouting? You took illicits for lunch?

Just be on the winning side. Seize the moment. Am i the only one who is comfortable with the dollar at 100? I read that it might hit 110 by Dec, alright. By the time inflation inaset in its June, 2016…i will have made enough to cushion myself. Forgive my juvenile mentality, but it saves me a lot.

Are you in to forex trading?

Cheer up you are not in hell yet as you still have expendable resources to spare (Mazda Demio).You are not a going concern in this village.In our case, it will with time, as the $$ starts to temper down with the 2016 elections nearing. The 500lb gorilla economy is slowly picking up from the doldrums.

A quick fix (pipe dream for us) will be to have more exports than imports. Shida tena ni kuwa hata sisi tuna elections in 2017, wizi tele is going on right now. Till then, most major investors to our country will wait out and see how it pans out in 2017.

type in engrich please…

pan out how? UK atachapa yake kumi wears lekarapa. Anybody doing risk analysis based on politics should focus on 2020 onwards