Eco gas saver...

A question to my fellow villagers these product Eco gas saver which you stick on the gas cylinder and is said to save gas does it work? aand which principle does it use? …Any info about it will be highly app…

Ule jamaa wa ku hawk electronics alikuwa na some info about this au sio @Electronics4u

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Ako wapi a shade light …

Its just a scam that targets gullible customers and fools… Comes once in a while and then dies when customers realise its of no benefit… Keeps on resurrecting after some times…

Like how would placing this bottle of green concortion in contact with a gas cylinder save gas? The talk of magnetism is just hoogwash to confuse fools and had no scientific basis.


aki shade light hutaona kitu :D:D:D:D


That thing is a scam, na vile @aviator amesema

I also smelt a rat after visiting there offices and listening to there explanations …
It really felt like a 310 type of scam…

How would a liquid in a bottle and placed in contact with a cylinder work to save gas? And mind you it gets no contact with the gas itself… If its all about magnetism then it would be better sticking a strong magnet on the cylinder… Non of this can work and its all about scumming people…

I have used the kerosene saver, and the thing works.

They have used chemical and physics terms to state nothing thereby confusing the public

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The kerosene saver is just an additive like the stuff shell adds to petroleum to make V power…it just helps the kerosene burn more efficiently but the cost of the additive is always more that the saving you get… Its okey if you want a cleaner burn but on savings it all adds to using more money.

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Aviator the kerosene tunaeza lubali shingo upande and as supu explains it makes sense kidogo but the gas saver really alafu i asked the sales rep and she told me eti magnetism and mark you thats a plastic container and i highly doubt if the liquid inside has some metal properties…

Also remember the kerosene saver could be some petro camouflaged to look and smell differently… You could end up buying some grams of petrol at ksh 1,200… And unknowingly mixing it with kerosene.


@Supu uko na ukali sana na hii story, kwani ulikuwa victim ya hii watu?

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Alafu uta pata iko na muhuri ya KEBS…


The saving is huge. I was using 100 bob daily on kerosene. Today, 200 goes for a week, same tasks (ok, fuel cost has come down, but there’s still a significant saving).

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Kwani unakunywanga mafuta? 1 and half litres of kerosene daily? Badilisha utumie gas, generator or whatever else you can replace with for that application.

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