Eco Fuel saver

Whats the science behind this innovation? Is it true Talkers or naona kama tunacheswa?

See the you tube video here on GBS tv.

If this is working, then the guys behind this are potential millionaires.

They also have these;

[SIZE=3]Diesel / Jet Fuel Saver[/SIZE]
This product is specifically designed for use on engines that run on Diesel or Jet Fuel. Therefore ideal for use on Turbines, Car Diesel Engines, Truck Diesel Engines, Tractors,Generators and Mill Diesel Engines

[SIZE=3]Petrol Saver[/SIZE]
This product is uniquely and keenly designed to fit the Petrol Engine on any kind of machinery.

[SIZE=3]Gas Saver[/SIZE]
The gas saver has been well thought out and designed in detail to benefit the gas user using the efficient safety precaution measures for the home.

It is for use on Gas used at home for daily cooking as well as industrial gas in factories and institutions that use bulk gas for their daily operations.

[SIZE=3]Kerosene Saver[/SIZE]
The Kerosene saver is choreographed to benefit the kerosene user not only in saving money but also improve the outcome of Kerosene use.

Believe it, it is real. I bought the kerosene and gas saver, and I can confirm you get extra from the fuel.

I wanted to be their dealer, so I visited them and got to understand the technology. basically, the liquid is kind of a magnet that breaks the bond within the fuel. This improves combustion, thereby giving you a cleaner/hotter flame which cooks faster. faster cooking means less time with the gas running, therefore saving on the quantity.

I however didn’t see any good opportunity in the business. Margins too low.

Ati magnets. :Drun run


I disagree. This is a mass market product. You can buy the gas saver @1200 and sell it to some distributor @1350. Sell like 50-100 per day. do the math.
The only issue is that the liquid lasts for a whole year.o_O

Exactly. Hio haiwes nukisha kitunguu kwako. And the guys are doing bogus marketing. Now who watches GBS or Utugi TV? They should do it on classic asubuhi, thasts what people with cars/gas listen to. Ya kerosene wafanye ghetto FM or something.

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Remains a myth, until proven otherwise. Their shelves would be empty if the product saved as little as 5% in fuel consumption. So far, no hard data to prove their claims. However, you can still make some money propagating the scam.


You have a point there Kawamboi…why aren’t these guys working with the big shots(citizen, ntv et al or even Shark Tank!)? Their website states that they are along Mombasa road, but when you call the personal mobile numbers given, they guy tells me the offices are at Rehema House 3rd Floor.
Something is not adding up!

I can confirm the thing works. Whether science, magic or witchcraft, sijui. But it saves. Have used it. Bought to test, but am yet to see a business opportunity there. They should be shouting about it from the rooftops, but they aren’t. How do they expect it to sell?

These are just perceptions with no supporting scientific data . These devices have been around for more than two decades. I am sure the market would have discerned the benefits by now.

My gas last for approx 30 days(inafaa iishe within the next 12 days). I will buy it and if it works out, am gonna mass market it. If it doesnt, i’m coming for your left knee cap:)

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Pseudoscience: Belief or practice which is falsely presented as scientific, but does not adhere to a valid scientific method.

I offer my kneecap as ransom. U will tell us.

Aaah. Quail business? You want to tell me that the likes of Royal Dutch Shell and Exxon Mobil hawajui these tricks. Ama wamekanyagia.

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Even if they know, can’t you see a conflict of interests?

Ofcourse, but competition would eventually spill the beans. It should have done that by now and someone would have already patented that to make money out of it.

Hata quail ilisemekana ni the cure to everything.hii ni porojo unless they have scientific backing.its a good product to target the “middle class”.

Spoil your engines. Watu wa gas na kerosene na nyinyi jilipueni.

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great idea


I also smell a scam…