eCitizen Portal...

The Jubilee Govt. has made many blunders since 2013 but the eCitizen portal is not one of them, Kenyans can now cut through the red tape that had frustrated many over the years.



…this was a good move

Brilliant. I renewed my DL in less than 10 minutes from the comfort of my office


I never got past the registration phase, it seemed broken to me.

yea kwanza hapo kwa epassport registration na search ya lands

yeah on this one i admit they made a kill…though sometimes it has its loopholes

Two thumbs up…Now they need to add more services to this portal.


Very true, I once queued at times tower for hours…just to renew D/L, recently I did it at the comfort of my house!!, but the delayed until I thought nimeconiwa.

Only on Tecno phones

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how does techno phones come in here??

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