Ebu toa maoni yako


Wacha tuende survey, buuuttt, Rexlion has been eating hippos and pigs, he might have a convulsive hypothesis

Huyo mujamaa alisema hii stuff ni tamu alikuwa tu dry spell otherwise hizi nyangumi zingekuwa na demand. Elders wanazipenda ni wawili tu…(name them)

Say no to obesity. Fit=better.


After exhaustive research and comparative clinical field trials , I can confidently confirm the same …






But , as usual …
The proof of the pudding is in the Tasting … :D:D:D

@rexxsimba I 100%agree…
Tamu kuliko sunguch

I am sure here that I am preaching to the already converted on this phenomenon … :D:D:D




TAmu kama sunguch
na sauti ya moi

hapa ndio mtu hupanua cheeks na kulamba iyo keki ya gorofa.


Never missing in action Mr Momo whisperer:D:D

Aisifuye Mvua , Imemnyea … :D:D


True…I’ve experienced it before

Couldn’t agree more…

Pia wanapenda mkia

Hizi zako hapana…they usually have a shallow poothy, lakini pale kwa entrance hakuna grip…
Speaking from experience.

What’s chalupa? I’m afraid of looking it up ikuwe ni kitu I can’t unsee

Hiyo ni chocha fit late teens to early twenties ndio madem

i believe you understand what “…the sweeter the berry” means,well this is a tasty chalupa