Ebu Skiza the real Truman capote

The real Truman Capote.


The low caliber of brains here hata hawajui Truman Capote ni nani. Please stop disturbing their ignorant asses too allergic to books to have ever heard of the legendary Capote. Look for the movie thats all your low attention span can stand.

This man was a freaking literary genius. No one has even come close since. Please read just one of his books. You will get orgasms.

:D:D Name but a few

I thought orgasms comes after an election

Other voices, other rooms.

In cold blood is great for crime aficionados

Books make love to the mind. Especially when a writer is a literary genius. Books have the power to take you to a place that you have never been to and make you one with it. I was a huge fan of Paulo Coelho in my late teens. The man had amazing imagery you could see everything in your minds eye as though you were there. I once met a mzungu at Nairobi Museum and she told me she was from Bogota. I described the place to her, she asked, my goodness have you been there? I said no I just read all of Paulo Coelhos books.

If you are someone who was a voracious reader from childhood you would understand how a book can give your mind and your emotions and thoughts an orgasm. Anybody who does not read has missed a huge part of living. It’s like being deaf and never hearing music. How can anyone explain to you what you have missed?

Capote was a scintillating writer. When he wrote he’d bleed.

Okay… Thank you I will read… Any recommendations that can make love to my mind?

If you are not a book worm try American Short Stories. The American Literary Society cherry picks the best short stories and puts them together annually. Also if you don’t have the time to read. Get the audio book version. Although listening isn’t as intimate as reading because when you listen you pick up the readers emotions and perspectives because voice intonation communicate a lot. When you read it for yourself, the tension grips you stronger. Your mind enters the plot deeper because reading engages more faculties than listening. You also get the climax exactly at the right moment for you. Every writer has a unique style. Literary devices may be the same but every writer has a finger print. So when you read for your self you give your mind to the writer, he or she serenades your mind with his or her style, kind of like foreplay. To entice and capture your senses and your thinking, then you start expressing your own feelings and it becomes a part of you. You no longer a Spectator but one with the writer.

There’s a short story called the other woman by Sherwood Anderson if you can get even the audio read by John Updike. Itakumaliza kabisa. It’s not pornographic or even explicit but the style in which it is written will drive you crazy. And leave you breathless. Don’t read or listen when you are cooking food itaungua. It’s a real mindfuck.

Found a link for it

The Other Woman by Sherwood Anderson


You are the opposite of what He was. Wewe ni trukapantie.

Truman Capote:

Capōte: préservatif, Condom un Anglé.

Kama unajua unajua.