Ebru tv decoder

Which decoder receives Ebru tv Since they’re not on dstv?

N.B Their news anchor

The normal dvb- t2. the channel is on signet

Talk to me nikupatie a Scantech T2-601 FTA. bei ya talkers of course.

Bei etc na channels

All Signet, PANG, ADN.

  1. One year warranty.
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How do we transact maintaining anonymity and does it require a dish? Any hd channels?

Beautiful…Hata mimi nataka hiyo decoder kama my TV will be graced by such a beauty.

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Check this link. Contact details there, plus full specs.

No dish required. But some of the things guy’s are going through with these decoders are outright hilarious. The funniest shit I read is a guy who bought a Bamba decoder that isn’t receiving even the Bamba channels themselves.


Bamba is very far from stable. Might take another two years before their network is fully functional. A warranty comes in handy at such a time.

If you already have a dish mounted on your roof, head on to Astra 4A @4.9°E.

No dish, just the normal UHF antennae.

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@Web Dev, have you placed the order?

Disn’t see eburu on the list, might order next week.

Eburu is on Signet. The list is outdated.

These fta things are located at luthuli ama? @Luther @meria mats

Which things?

The equipment needed to run fta

Yes they are, as mentioned previously. So long as you know what you want, utapata.

Pole for derailment but @Unicorn unanivunja moyo. How now