ebay shipping

guys I have tried shipping a laptop and camera from ebay by using vitumob but their extension is not loading, similar to my shopper. So how can I ship from ebay and what would be the possible charges

Use savostore or kentex cargo

Had the same problem and used Kentex. However I did not like kentex because they charge extra for door delivery (I’m outside Nairobi City limits). However you can call vitumob and they will show you how to order without the internet site.

Some issue related to this. I bought an ECU from ebay and was to use USPS to deliver to my mail box. This was send on late December but in tracking it i don’t see any movement since it left the US. Every time i check wanasema the package is on transit to the next facility. How effeciate is USPS for delivery?

Did you use their shipping only option
Nataka kuhama savo store (they have hidden charges )

No, they bought for me

hello do you get your package!??? also i have same problem i bought some staffs 2months ago until now i didn’t get it always say is in transit to next facility