Eating Meat, To Africans Is A Sign Of Living Good

While people in other parts of world are avoiding red meat due the ill effects associated to it Africans think eating meat is living good. Always lagging behind in All issues except underdevelopment & HIV

Africans have been eating meat since the time of Zinjanthropus.

The lifestyle of 1 million years ago is different from that of 2020. They ate that way and ate natural fruits not Soda, they went hunting instead of sitting down all day in an office and driving home at 5:30 to watch TV until 10 after gobbling down another half kg of meat.

The white men you are talking about loves and worships meat as well. Dining in a steak house is living large. Gasieer

white people live miserable lives. they toil like slaves just to pay rent. they work for the system, not for themselves, and once they land in kenya they never go back to the states, and their kingdom in Europe.


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You didn’t need to write it dumbo.

@Ndindu , what do you do all day if i may ask…

Hao watu wa "While people in other parts of world " ni colour gani?

They could the Aborigineas in Australia,the Inuits in Iceland,the Warani in Argentina,the Khakas in Russia…et al.:D:D:D

This Somali cheith crys at night before sleeping for being born black. FYI hata burkingham palace and other whites tambua Harry’s wife as black. Stop self hate.

Wait ,are you saying that the average Kenyan lives a better life than the average American or European ?

Mind your own BeesWax!

The whole world is addicted to protein, meat based protein not plant based…the amount of meat America ina angusha will shock you, burgers, sausages, bacon, meat loaf, steak e.t.c, breakfast nyama, lunch nyama, supper nyama;their consumption of meat probably rivals the whole of Africa as meat is expensive here for the average citizen…

Latinos, Japanese, Indians, aborigines, Italians are NOT white. Happy now?

Where is the data that red meat is unhealthy ? For your information, red meat is still very popular in the west, jungu’s go for lean cuts, both in red and white meat.
Hence the popularity of Angus and Wagyu meat.


Maasai’s consume copious amounts of meat at every occasion and you never hear of lifestyle diseases amongst them.

Steak bana, 1lb, which is approximately 1/2 kg, at the cost of $148.00, i.e. ksh14,800.00. Surely, that price is for the moneyed, which mwafrika is not.


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