Eating asss

There is girl suggested i eat her ass/ass rimming tukipatana monday.Talkers sioni mm nikiweka ulimi kwa assshole or is there something am missing?


WTF did I just read. Think you are idle, go wank or something.





Tamu sana if CLEAN .chic will submit to you and always return for strokes

The white man has successfully infiltrated the african mind…yaani tunavopy izi vitu blindly…ata doggy haifanyagi ivo…


"My people perish for lack of knowledge"Hosea 4:6
Just go, google herpes and causes, Sina mengi ya kusema.

Fucking disgusting, you might as well tell her to shit on a plate and eat her shit while at it, there is nothing like a clean asshole, an asshole is an asshole period…

Is there something you’re missing? You’re missing your brain

Ends kwa sewage na kikombe uchote ukunywe umbwa ghassia takataka

Infact ata coomer you shouldn’t put your tongue there
Umbwa ghassia takataka

Hell NO.

Hii si ni kazi huwa unafanya na mathako daily. Unajifanya nini?


Mbona umehepa

Dont feed the troll.

Zii, hii shoga imenizoea, aliona nimemnyamazia the first few times akaona amepata softy. Heri tuende Siberia sasa

Which is more dirty ass or coomer. Ass shits daily pvssy rains blood every month 3-5 days. Pvssy bado hutoa mkojo. Jibuni hio swali?

ha ha ha , several ladies have done this to me but can’t even dare get near that place…