Easter Holiday with Baba RWNBP


Kenyans worship alcohol too much.

Baba is eating well.

Beta male sema

Ouru ni jamaa mpoa… pombe sio mbaya

Never declared myself as one, that name is reserved for small boys who don’t know themselves.
Tafuta lane my bro.

My working theory is that Kenyans substitute alcohol for culture. I remember when we had hundreds of “twende tukakunywe” threads here.

Assume govt imposed 50 kes duty per 500ml of liquor. They stand to make enough revenues as opposed to fuel levies.

saa hio 92% ya eabl ni ya president?

Why do you seem to equate taxation to prosperity? Why tax to waste or steal some more. Progressive countries focus on production or in instances of high taxation like ours, public goods and services are top notch such that other than retirement savings and food, you virtually have no use of an income.

Not just kenyans but the whole of humanity…alcohol has always been at the centre of almost all social and cultural activities…you can trace it back to biblical times

Mokoro ananyonya Black label,noma sana

Kwani is this ogre crying while drinking his changaa

The Glenlivet is smooth. Yum

Hi bash ilikua wapi?

si hata we najua chang’aa hapana peremende? ama huko kwenyu ndenderu watu hukunywa chang’aa while smiling.

babuon seller anapendanga coke sana. idk why

Momo Ida anavunja black label? Halafu there’s no way hao watoi hawawezi kunywa in future. Vile pombe imepangwa kwa meza!

Hiyo hapana black label ya wannabe peasants!! Hiyo ni blue label 1 litre sets u back 25k kwa duka haijakutia bila lube!!

True, unfortunately we are the ones leading the children to vices, then we keep on blaming them when they are fully hooked up