East African Budgets

Kenya - KES 2.1tr - USD 21.6bl
Tanzania - TZS 22.48tr - USD 10.28bl
Uganda - UGX 24tr - USD 7.61bl
Rwanda - RWF 1.77tr - USD 2.57bl

Hivyo ndivyo our goverments will spend 2015-2016.

Compare with morroco,Egypt,Nigeria and south Africa.

I guarantee that Rwanda will make better use of their ‘tiny’ budget that we will.


Kweli si ukubwa wa mshuto, lakini ukali yake!

Nigeria - $23 billion
Ethiopia - $11 billion

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US Military budget (2015) - $598 billion


You’d think Nigeria would have a budget of at least $50 billion, considering all the hydrocarbon resources they possess and it’s large population (over 150 million). Ethiopia’s budget is also a little disappointing. It’s half Kenya’s, while their population is double ours. But they’re on the right track.

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Been so busy did not get to watch, and I am still, key highlights please.

And New York City budget …$75 billion
US is truly a monster. literally

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California budget 2015/16 - $113 billion :confused:

US budget must be something in the region of $6 trillion. The last time I heard Obama announce the budget, some time 2010 thereabouts, it was reported as $4,310,000,000,000,000 and the news reports read it like 4.3 trillion. That is as if the 10 billion dollars in the end were insignificant

It is said that if NYPD was a national army or something like that, it would be the 20(something)th best funded army in the world. Last time I checked

what matters is the actual value of the currency in the country it is used. You cant just convert our budget into dollars. Civil servants, teachers, police etc are not paid in dollars in Kenya. If it is the case, P1 teachers would be earning a net of about 200 dollars which cant even pay for a one night lodging in newyork. In nairobi the same amount can pay for a one month decent lodging.


I hope it will be utilized effectively. We’ll borrow much of the budget from outside the country. Forever indebted to other nations and institutions. The USA borrows alot from China and Japan according to some story I read some years ago, it’s a country that thrives on madeni too.

We are borrowing Kosovo sana, more like 500b. I stand corrected though, the irony is that some ministries or whatever you call them lately don’t spend their allocated expenditures. With the corruption watchdogs having some milk teeth lately you will be surprised to the cash returned to the treasury next year.

I hpe we will get there… even though the above will be the country’s budget

also remember their population is less. plus theres no war they are fighting

Their population is slightly less than a third of ours but their budget is a tenth of ours. Kenya was already in the multi trillion zone before we went to Somalia. Rwanda has military operations in Congo as well. Rwanda has universal healthcare and education.


Hehe…Nigeria kumbe ni umaf* tu wanakuwanga nayo na vyenye wako na resources(oil). How will they offer services to all that country? Ama states zinakuwanga na their own budgets?

My friend, the conversion into a common denominator is for comparison purposes. What we are comparing ia the total value of the budgets. What you are introducing is another kind of comparison of which there are thousands to choose from